I analyse my failures: Ram

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 14:45

As Ram Pothineni's 'Vunnadi Okate Zindagi' gears up for a release on Oct 27th, the handsome actor talks about his role in the movie, why he considers his character, Abhiram, as his role model, why he won't do bilinguals, and more.

What is your character like in the movie?

'VOZ' tells the story of Abhiram in three phases.  His childhood, his college days and beyond are narrated.  The way the character has been designed, it's very interesting.  Life is simple yet we complicate it, Abhiram believes.  He is stuck between these two realities.  His outlook of life is engaging.  

How is Abhiram different from the character you played in director Kishore Tirumala's previous movie?

Hari was totally different.  Abhiram is someone I look up to.  I try to be like him.  He is my role model.  The way he puts his thoughts in simple words are quite relatable.  For example, in the trailer, he explains the difference between best friend and lover.  The dialogues are quite relatable.  

He is a guitarist.  He leads a rock band in his college.  

So, what does he settle down for in the end - friendship or love?

'VOZ' is a lot about friendship.  The relationship Abhiram has with Vasu (Sri Vishnu) over the years is a crucial ingredient.  Then there are love stories thrown in.  If I reveal what he settles for, it would be akin to revealing the climax.

Did you remember your childhood or your 20s while shooting for the movie?

During the pre-production stage, yes.  Any character is a mix of the writer-director's imagination, himself, the actor's imagination and the actor himself.  

I like to debate during scripting stage.  I like the process.  I also do it with my 'Pedannana', Sravanthi Ravikishore.  More than he being my producer, we are creative partners.  Investing money is not a big deal.  We like to work together.

Who is your best friend?

I have many scattered all over the world.  Sharath in Chennai is one of the closest ones.  

Depicting friendship on the screen is always relatable for the audience.  Be it a rich man or a poor man, everybody has a friend.  

How was it working with Devi Sri Prasad?

One doesn't have to tell him what the beats should be like, etc.  If you tell him the situation, he gives you the best output.  

Why are you not doing films quite fast?

I okay story lines if I like them.  Once I like a line, they start working on scripting.  There was a time when I did three movies at a time.  I have no hard and fast rules to follow.  I am not conscious about the gaps between films.  Once I okay a script, I am totally into it.  

What about doing bilinguals?

I think it is not easy as the tastes are different in Telugu and Tamil.  I know Tamil and I watch a lot of Tamil films.  I may relate to a film in Tamil, but when I watch it in Telugu, that feel is gone.  

How do you take failures?

I analyse as to what made me (and other makers) like it and what made the audience didn't like it.  We make all films with confidence.  If we don't have faith in a script, we wouldn't invest crores.  'Endukante Premante' was a film we all felt so strongly about when we made it.  

What are your upcoming movies?  Don't you want to do an action film that matches your energy?

I have okayed a few lines.  They are working on it.  Once something is finalized, I will let you know.  I don't worry about the genres.  If I like a script, I am game for it.