I didn't ghost-direct Goodachari: Adivi Sesh

Thursday, August 2, 2018 (All day)

Handsome actor Adivi Sesh, who had also appeared in Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’, shot to fame with critically acclaimed thriller ‘Kshanam’, which he co-wrote. He has now done ‘Goodachari’ that is up for release on August 3, 2018. He speaks about the film and his career choices….

Why such a long gap after Kshanam?

I got close to 50 offers and I rejected them all. I still remember one of the top producers getting annoyed with my attitude and said that one should go with the flow otherwise things will be difficult. But still, I kept my faith and took some time off and wrote ‘Goodachari’ for about 10 months.

Many say that you have ghost-directed this film?

False. If I want I can do so but I made up my long ago that when I write a film and act in it, I will never take the responsibilities of direction. Sasi (director) was with me since the time of ‘Kshanam’ and even shot the climax with us. That is the reason we felt that he would be the right person to direct the film.

Why a thriller again?

‘Kshanam’ was a crime thriller whereas this is more of a spy film. ‘Goodachari’ is about a guy with a past and how he becomes a spy for a mission. This is more of a raw action film with superb thrills and visuals.

Do you think this high funda film will connect to all?

My watchman watches Netflix on his phone. Such is the trend nowadays. So, I feel my film will connect to one and all in a clear manner. We have made things so easy for the common man that he will not have any difficulty (in understanding). Organizations like RAW and how they operate are not known to many and our film will explain them in a clear manner.

What happened to your film with your brother Sai Kiran Adavi?

Initially, we had plans but things did not work out. We both have different sensibilities and our tastes are very different. So, we don't know when will we collaborate together.