I didn't go for hair-plant surgery: Sai Dharam Tej

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 22:45

Sai Dharam Tej says that 'Chitralahari' is quite relatable with a positive message. In this interview, he talks about his character in the film, the gossip around his US visit last year and more. ‘Chitralahari’, directed by Kishore Tirumala and starring Kalyani Priyadarshan and Nivetha Pethuraj as heroines, will hit the cinemas on April 12.

The trailer shows your character in an interesting way. Success eludes you always. What is it like and how was it playing the character?

I play Vijay Krishna, a guy known for his failures. An epitome of failures, he has never tasted success all his life. Kishore Tirumala scripted the character in such a way that it is quite exciting. This guy overcomes all the obstacles to emerge victorious in the end. That's the crux of the story.

How do you view the successive flops that you have experienced in the recent years?

Negative results are part of the game. I must say that my performance was commended even when a film of mine failed at the box-office. While every film is the result of team effort, I take the responsibility for every failure. Every actor has a chance every Friday to prove himself.

What have you learned from the flops?

With growing experience, I have a better sense of judgment of scripts. I am capable of declining a script if it is not good. I have to be totally satisfied if I have to proceed further.

Coming to 'Chitralahari', in what way is the film relatable?

I have seen several Netizens saying on Facebook and Twitter that the trailer makes them wonder that 'Chitralahari' is their biopic! While being relatable, the film also gives a message.

'Glassmates' has been seen as a crypto Jana Sena ad. How do you see it?

It was part of Kishore Tirumala's script right from the beginning. The song was narrated to me back in last February. It was only last December that 'Glass' (poll symbol) was allotted to Jana Sena (party founded by his uncle Pawan Kalyan).

Last year, you travelled to the US and was there for a few weeks. What did you do there?

It was rumoured that I went to the US for a hair-related surgery. Some reports also claimed that I was there for liposuction. They are all false news items. During the making of 'Winner', I suffered some non-obvious injuries due to the horse-riding practice sessions. During the making of 'Tej I Love You', it became hard for me to even do gymming. That's why I sought the help of a sports injuries specialist in the US.  My treatment there was 100 percent. I am now totally fine.

Have you signed any new movie?

I am spending all my time on promoting 'Chitralahari'.  2-3 concepts have been heard. Nothing has been okayed as yet.