I have plan B in hand: Nani

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 14:30

Nani who has high success rate in Tollywood says Telugu audiences treat him as one of their family members. They are lapping up everything that I do, Nani gleefully shares his joy. His next release is 'Krishnarjuna Yuddham', that is directed by Merlapaka Gandhi of 'Venkatadri Express' and 'Express Raja' fame. The film stars Anupama and Rukshar. Nani speaks on wide-ranging topics apart from the upcoming release.

Satisfied as producer

'Awe' made me immensely happy as a producer. The film was clearly made for the target audience and they appreciated it more than we expected it to be. The film earned critical acclaim and also made a good amount of money.

Never played such contrasting roles in my career

Double roles are dime a dozen these days and I have already played them in my earlier films as well. But for 'Krishnarjuna Yuddham', I have never played such contrasting roles in my entire career. Each role is drastically different from each other. My characters in the film are not brothers and also do not have a back story. Such refreshingly these roles were written by Gandhi and this was the main reason for me to say yes to the film.

Dil Raju bought the rights without even watching the film....

I have already watched the film twice and touch wood, am super confident that it will be a solid hit this summer. I had the same feeling halfway through the film and told the same to Dil Raju who bought the rights even before watching the film. Now that he has seen the film, he is raving about it and is promoting it himself.

Camera loves Anupama

I always used to wonder why Anupama is so popular. I spoke to her in real life and didn't feel much special about her. But the moment I saw her performing for a scene on camera, I was taken aback. She has such solid screen presence and the camera just loves her. The moment you see her on the monitor there is some magic in her eyes and personality which is a rare thing for an actor.

Merlapaka Gandhi is crystal clear about his work

The film has Chittoor dialect and it was Gandhi's idea that my character Krishna should speak in it. The first two days were nerve-wracking and I was blindly following Gandhi who was crystal clear about the story and narration. Also, things became difficult as the ones who were acting with me were also from Chittoor. I feel that post the film's release, Krishna's character will take away all the cake for the film.

Why people love me so much?

I am always wondering as to why people love me so much. One thing that I have noticed in the recent years is that the audience has a soft corner towards me and they have owned me as one of their family members. That is the reason a film like MCA did extremely well in spite of getting mixed reviews. The connect is quite strong and that is the reason I have been doing films which mostly entertain them.

I always prepare for the worst

I clearly know that a time will come that some of my films will not run. Everyone is heaping me with praises for my performances and films but there will be a day when the same people will pounce on me for giving flops. I always prepare for the worst and have a plan B in hand. As of now, things are going smoothly and I do not want to disturb the flow.

The pressure of delivering hits

The first thing everyone asks is "Yenti Me next Cinema Kooda Hitega". That scares me to an extent as the audience is so used to me giving hits in the recent times. Frankly speaking, I was under huge pressure in the last two years as I was trying different films. Now that the audience has accepted me, the pressure has eased out and I am doing films which excite me as an actor.

Don't believe in competition

One of the basic questions everyone asks me these days is that your film is coming only a week before' Bharat Ane Nenu' and aren't you worried about it? Good and big films should come back to back and that is the time all the films will do well.