I simply laugh at gossips on me: Eesha

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 - 20:00

Eesha Rebba has had an eventful year.  She awaits the release of 'Brand Babu' on August 3.  In this interview, the starlet talks about the film, why she okayed the project, her role in 'Aravindha Sametha' and more.

What's your role in 'Brand Babu'?  What's the subject about?

I have played a maid in the movie.  It's a love story where miscommunication and misunderstandings play a large part.  The kind of entertainment that Maruthi garu is known for is there in the movie.  

Is it a comedy in the main?

About 50 percent of the film is comedy.  The film is also a family entertainer.  It has sentiment and all sorts of emotions.  The love story between a maid and a rich man has been hilariously told.

What made you accept the film?

Maruthi garu has sketched the film well.  My character is different.  Be it in the case of any film, I go by the story and my character.  Sumanth Shailendra, the film's hero, has done a few movies in Kannada.  He is a good actor, who always comes to the sets fully prepared.  

How did you prepare for the role?

The director (P Prabhakar) is a senior-most television name.  I thought that he would be very strict.  But he is very friendly.  He taught me the mannerisms of a servant.  I too learned it by observing my servant.  Maids clean a table with all concentration, for example.  

What's your role in 'Aravindha Sametha'?

I am playing one of the leading female roles in the movie.  I am a Hyderabadi girl who is rebellious and tomboyish.  I am done with the first schedule.  The second one will take place in August.  NTR garu is a very friendly person.  It's been very nice working with him.  I am also doing Sumanth-starrer 'Subrahmanyapuram'.  These are the two films that I am doing.  I am ready to act in Tamil if I get a nice offer.

What ticks for you?  How do you receive all the gossips about you?

I don't insist on remuneration.  To me, the project comes first.  I do my job well.  Only then can I expect directors and producers to approach me with offers.  I like to listen to stories and if I connect with a story, I go for it.  Thanks to the industry, I have bought a car.  As for gossips, they catch me by surprise sometimes.  Some of them are beyond my imagination.  At times, I simply laugh at them.  How do they get those ideas?!

How do you receive flops?

My first film was a flop. I felt sad but I got busy working on my second movie.  Not every movie can be a hit.  I take things in a positive way.  But every time my film is coming, I can't sleep the day before.