I thought of quitting films: Vijay Deverakonda

Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 17:00

Vijay Deverakonda is man of the moment. He has already released three films this year and is coming up with another one this weekend. He also has lot to talk about and clear the rumours about him. Ahead of 'Taxiwaala' release, he opens up about various issues..

Aren't you tired of promoting your films back to back?

Yes, I am but I have no choice. I decided to skip these promotions as I spoke a lot about 'Taxiwaala' in my earlier interviews and during the pre-release event. But as my producers requested me to address the piracy issue on a big scale I am here for them.

Why is this piracy only happening to your films? Do you think someone big is involved?

I have no idea as this has happened twice now. All the sites who pirated my films have sent letters saying that they are sorry but they are bound by their work ethics. What can I say to such people whom I don't even know? Most of my team members are first-timers and they have put their life and soul for this film. I am in a good position and nothing will happen to me. But what about them, who will provide them with work. All those who do such insensitive stuff need to understand that there are lives attached to film's success.

Many are jealous of your instant success. What do you say?

I am not an overnight star and have faced many difficulties to reach here. I have given my blood for my films and how can one be jealous. I don't bother about what others are saying. If I do a film, it should click at any cost. I don't like the words average or below average. My film should either be a flop or a blockbuster and not in between. I don't like people having sympathy for me as I don't bother about those who are jealous of me.

How heartbreaking was NOTA's failure?

I have been doing films back to back and this is where things have gone wrong. So many films were in the pipeline and I was busy either shooting or dubbing for these films. There was no chance for me to control the damage even though I knew what was the problem. 'NOTA' had serious screenplay issues and it was my fault to release it after a hit like 'Geetha Govindam'.

So how careful are you now with your projects?

I have seriously made up my mind that I will only do one film at a time. But as I am getting so many good offers from big production houses, I am not able to tell no to them. You won't believe the numbers of offers I have rejected in the recent past.

How seriously do you take your stardom?

There was a point post-NOTA where situations were so tough. I am this self-destructive kind of a guy who can go into a shell. My mother fell sick and was hospitalized and this was the time I decided to quit films but somehow I regained my senses and continued my work as my love for cinema keeps me going. So, I don't get affected much by my stardom.

Your gut feeling about Taxiwaala?

'Taxiwaala' is a well-made film which will please all sorts of sections. This is not a blockbuster kind of a film which will be a rage. As it has a unique story and set up, it will do good and make its investment back. I am eager to see how the audience will end up liking the film as we have tried something really new.

You recently posted on Twitter that those celebrating the failure of 'NOTA' will have no opportunity in future as you will bounce back. What was the need?

I can take abuses because I am an actor, who is paid for what I do. But why should those who keep my pic as profile pic suffer abuses from others on social media? I spoke for them. I can confidently say that those celebrating my flop now will shut up soon. I know the kind of films that I am doing. Normally, I mind my own business.  

When are you going to work with star directors?

Offers are coming and in 2019, it will definitely happen. I have worked with newcomers and I now want to work with those whose works I love a lot.

When is 'Dear Comrade' coming?

'Dear Comrade' will take longer to get completed. Only 30 percent is done. It will be out in the theatres in the second half of 2019.