I want to do different characters: Sobhita Dhulipala

Sunday, July 29, 2018 - 13:30

Beauty contest winner Sobhita Dulipala made her mark in Bollywood. This Telugu-speaking beauty is now making her debut in Telugu in upcoming release ‘Goodachari’. She talks about the film, her career choices and more in this interview…

Your journey till now?

I was born in Tenali and raised in Vizag till my 12th standard. Then, I moved to Mumbai for my graduation. In 2013, I participated in the Miss India competition and won it. Then, I modeled for top brands and designers for the next three years. In 2016, I gave an audition for Anurag Kashyap and within two days, I got the part. Since then I have been in movies and here I am making my debut in Telugu with ‘Goodachari’. 

How did you get this part?

After watching ‘Raman Raghav’, Sesh called me and told me about his project. I came down to Hyderabad and Sesh and the director narrated me this script which I loved it. I play a psychologist from Harvard and there is an emotional touch to my character which I liked very much and decided to be a part of this thriller. Also, this is the perfect time to make my debut as Telugu cinema is pushing the boundaries in a big way.

What kind of films have you done in the past?

I have done a film called ‘Kaala Kandi’ with Saif and I have just wrapped up a film with Emraan Hashmi and Rishi Kapoor. Apart from this, there is a film with Nivin Pauly. I am finally making my debut in Telugu and it feels like the circle is complete.

You are a Telugu girl and have done some intimate scenes. How did your family react?

There was so much rejection from my family. My relatives acted as if they didn't even know the film came. Even though my parents were cool after a point in time, there are people who bring you down and I am ready to face them right away.

Are modeling and beauty pageants the way to getting films?

Half of them say so. But there is a degradation here also. When models come into films, they say why are these models here. I feel that all girls who want to become actors need to get trained first and then audition for films. That is the right way to approach films I feel.

Roles which you want to do in the future?

I always want to do substantial roles like which are very earthy. I am a classical dancer and want roles which will challenge me. I wanna play the tailor's daughter, a farmer's wife where there is scope for performance. I am not here to be famous and all my roles and different characters should speak for yourself.