Interview of Madam!

Thursday, August 16, 2018 - 15:00

Rashmika Mandanna is basking in the glory of her recent release ‘Geetha Govindam’. The film is doing extremely well and she is being lauded for her performance. The actress talks about her experience in Tollywood and her love for Kannada films…

Your reaction after watching the film?

I never look at the monitor while shooting. So, I watched the film first-day first show and loved it even more. There are some scenes which you do not understand while shoot but the reaction they get from the audience is something else and I look forward to it.

After Chalo, why Geetha Govindam?

I was very curious as to what film I should sign next. But when Parasuram narrated me this script, I saw the humor in it and analysed it from the audience point of view. I also knew Parasuram always wrote very strong roles for his heroines. All this was enough for me to sign the film.

Do you know you were not the first choice as Geetha? 

The director told me this while he narrated me the script. I came to know that three heroines signed this film but things could not work out and they came to me with hope. I didn't know how to react then but now that the film is a hit, I am happy that I was their best choice as Geetha.

How are your other projects shaping up?

I am shooting for two films Dear Comrade and Devadas and have two good roles in both the films. In Devadas, I play a crucial role and in Dear Comrade, it is a complete performance oriented role which will showcase my talent. 

Share your shooting experiences on this film?

Speaking in Telugu was a difficult task. Also, I was laughing and giggling when Vijay used to run behind me saying Madam Madam in the film. The unit was very friendly and I loved being on the sets and acting with Vijay is always a dream as he is a thorough professional.

How is your family reacting to all the attention you are getting?

They are hands-on parents and also help me career-wise. I had to convince them to do this film as they had some other projects lined up for me in other languages.

Will your Kannada films take a back step as you are getting popular here?

No way. Kannada is my first love and I will never stop doing films there. It's because of their love I am even here in Tollywood signing all these big projects. I will balance both but Kannada will be my first priority.