Athadu fight is a highlight in Bheeshma: Nithin

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 19:30

Nithin is entering into a new phase. He is bidding good-bye to bachelorhood this April and also for the first time in his career, he will have three releases in a single year. “I am no longer a young hero, I have already joined seniors’ club,” laughs off Nithin who debuted as a lead hero 17 years ago. Ahead of the release of ‘Bheeshma’, he had interacted with the web media. Excerpts…

Congratulations on getting engaged to your girlfriend!

The engagement will take place on 15th April and the wedding is on 16th April in Dubai. Our parents did hold a traditional ceremony last week to initiate wedding preparations but it was not an engagement ceremony.

How did you meet her and who proposed first?

Shalini and I met eight years ago through a common friend and we hit off well. The friendship turned into love. I made a formal proposal sometime back and she said yes. Parents on both sides had agreed. 

Whose idea it was to opt for a destination wedding?

Shalini’s. We wanted this to be a private ceremony with only family members. I will be throwing a party for the industry folks, friend and media in Hyderabad. I should have got married three or four years ago but I dodged on it till I am mentally prepared to take this big step.
Nithin and his girlfriend Shalini

Coming to your new release Bheeshma, what made you agree to this subject after taking a long gap?

While I was shooting for ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’, director Venky Kudumula approached me with a single line of the story and I liked it. However, he took nearly a year’s time to develop it into a bounded script. After three flops, I have decided not to take any film to the sets until I am sure about the script, each scene. All three films - Bheeshma, Rang De and Yeleti’s Chess came to at the same time with full scripts and I took them to the floors one by one. 

What are the highlights of Bheeshma?

‘Bheeshma’ is an entertainer much like ‘Dil’ with romance and action elements in appropriate portions. We are not boasting that it has a great story. No, it is a simple romantic drama with the undercurrent theme of organic farming. I play a Meme creator in the film. 

Is it true that one action fight is inspired by ‘Athadu’?

True. The fight is inspired by the Athadu action sequence that Mahesh Babu did in farming fields.

Did you get confused with the characters you are playing as three of your movies on the sets at the same time?

There was no confusion but three directors have different sensibilities and each wanted a particular kind of expression and performance from me. Getting that was the toughest one. Frankly speaking, I will never ever act in three films at the same time again as I could not get a single day’s rest or proper sleep. 

What will be the order of the releases?

‘Bheeshma’ is releasing this Friday. The next release will be Venky Atluri’s ‘Rang De’. Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s ‘Check’ will hit the screens later. From August, I will shoot for ‘Andhadhun’ in the direction of Merlapaka Gandhi. Krishna Chaitanya will direct ‘Power Petta’ with me. 

Are you open to multi-starrers and web series?

Yes. In ‘Power Petta’, Satya Dev is playing an equally important role. If something interesting comes, I will take up web series as well.

Rashmika must be angry with you for revealing one of her secret food habits?

(laughs) yeah. Well, she doesn’t eat the dog’s biscuits. She is a good girl. But I was surprised when she tasted a biscuit meant for dog and I revealed this to the media when the anchor asked me to blurt out one secret thing about Rashmika. She has done a great job in the film.

What made you to sign back-to-back two films for the same banner?

I like this production house Sithara Entertainments (&Haarika Haasine). They produce films with rich production design and quality is maintained. After ‘A Aa’, I have signed two films. Naga Vamsi is planning the fourth movie with me. 

There is a criticism that you are trying to cash in on the image of Pawan Kalyan by constantly using references about him in your films!

Being a die-hard fan of Pawan Kalyan, I have been using his references movies from my early films but the media didn’t notice back then. With the advent of social media, people are commenting now. But this is my admiration towards him, not an effort to cash in on.