I am getting noticed after posting hot pics: Eesha Rebba

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 23:45

Of late, Eesha Rebba is hitting the headlines with her sizzling photoshoots. She is giving a stiff competition to Mumbai girls who are bagging all the offers in Tollywood. To prove that Telugu-speaking girls are nothing less than the Mumbai-based heroines, she is posting hot pictures. Ahead of her new movie (Raagala 24 Gantallo) release, Eesha opens up about skin show, the mindset of Telugu filmmakers and her career plans.

What is special about Raagala 24 Gantallo?

This is the first female-oriented film I have done in my career. My character has so much scope to perform. Also, it has space to showcase glamor, negative and emotional side which is very rare for an actress to get. This is one of my best performances to date I can say. 

“I have hot body, why shouldn’t I flaunt it”

How the Telugu film industry is treating a Telugu girl like you?

Things are slowly changing as Telugu girls have started stepping in. They have tagged me as the girl-next-door. That I cannot pull off glam roles is a big myth. I am struggling to get good offers which will prove my mettle. Till the industry feels that a Telugu-speaking heroine can do all that a Mumbai-based heroine can do, things will not change. How can a girl like me get a chance to showcase my mettle? 

Is this the reason that you are posting hot pics on Instagram?

In a way yes. I feel that I am not less hot than the Mumbai heroines. When I have such a good body and can carry any outfit, what’s wrong in flaunting it. People have started noticing me more through my posts which should help me in my career.

So, was this the reason you said yes to Lust Stories?

The ‘Lust Stories’ came to me from Netflix which is huge. The story is bold and I am doing some bold scenes which will shock you completely. This will put me up there on the radar and I would be known for my role which will create ripples for sure. How bold it is going to be I am not allowed to say. I am also not doing Kiara's role in Telugu which is new altogether.

Heard that you are throwing a lot of tantrums to your producers?

Even I have heard this gossip a lot these days. Some even said that I gave a tough time to my co-star Satyadev. All this is rubbish and I am not a girl of such nature. When I was shooting this film, I also got a Tamil offer. So, I had to adjust dates for both the movies and because of this, all these rumors started.