I am married to movies: Taapsee

Monday, June 10, 2019 - 18:00

Tapsee Pannu is having a great show in Bollywood and in Tollywood.  She also has improved her acting skills. We now get to see her in Game Over. The film is attracting good attention. Tapsee talks about the film and how everything fell in place for this film….

How did this 'Game Over' materialize?

The film's director, Aswin Saravanan narrated this script two years back itself. At that time, I was busy in Hindi and was not having time for this project. He once again came to me and said that he made things ready to do the film in Telugu as well. I then adjusted my dates and signed the film finally.

Describe your role for us?

This is one of the most challenging characters I have ever done to date. 60% of the film I am in a wheelchair and am injured. I practiced a lot to get under the skin of this character. Roles like these come very rarely and when this one came up, I gave everything in my performance.

How was it working with Aswin?

The manner in which Aswin narrated the story to me itself made me realize that the film will be a hit. He has extracted superb performance from and all the thrills you see on the screen will be new and send jitters to you completely.

Why are you avoiding south offers these days?

All these are just rumors. All of a sudden I got some good Hindi projects and because of them, I had to let go of several Telugu films. To be frank, even Hindi film offers are not plenty. I have been lucky as all the films I did have worked well recently.

Why are you keeping away from commercial films?

I have been lucky that I am getting mostly performance-oriented roles. When you get such roles, you want to give it all and do your best. I love commercial films and always wait to get paired with big Telugu heroes.

Heard that you are turning producer?

Yes, I have a few plans to turn producer but I am looking for a partner who can handle things with me. We can collaborate with each other and make good films which are the need of the hour.

What about marriage?

As of now, I have no interest in marriage. The moment I feel like having kids, I will right away tie the knot. For now, I am married to movies and that is my first love as of now. Marriage can wait.

By: Venugopal