I change the game in Ranarangam: Kajal

Monday, August 12, 2019 - 00:15

Kajal Aggarwal says that her role is crucial in ‘Ranarangam’. The actress has a good number of films in hand and says that she is not interested in production. Chitchat with Kajal….

How disappointed were you post Sita's failure?
'Sita' is a film which was very close to my heart. I gave everything to the film and did it with all the heart but things did not work. Even though the film flopped, I still love the story and vouch for it.

Tell us about your role in 'Ranarangam'?
I play a doctor in this gangster drama and enter the proceedings in the second half and change the course of the film in a solid manner. How I do it is the whole story of the film.

Working experience with Sharwa?
I had a ball shooting with Sharwa in this film which many are asking why I did in the first place. You will get the answer only if you watch the film. Coming to Sharwa, he has owned the character and is looking like a true gangster in the film. He is very quiet on sets but gives a powerful performance.

How was it working with Sudheer Varma?
I was bowled over by his narration in the first place. How he narrated my character was superb. Even on the sets, he is very clear as to what the scene is. I had a great time working with him and he has showcased me in a new way in this film.

What happened to the project you were supposed to produce?
Prashanth Varma narrated me a line which I liked very much and have asked him to come with the full script. If the entire script is also good, then I will accept the film and we will go on floors in November. I have no interest in production as of now as my concentration is on acting.

Are you doing a film with Ravi Teja?
Yes, I am doing a film with him. He called me and offered me a very challenging role which I have accepted now. More details of this film will be out at a later date.

Future Projects?
Indian 2 will soon go on the sets this month. I have another Tamil release called Comali this month. Apart from this, I have two more Telugu projects including Ravi Teja's next. My dates are full until the next year.
By: Venugopal