I keep trying to better myself: Kalyan Ram

Saturday, February 23, 2019 - 22:15

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram awaits the release of '118' on March 1. Ahead of the film's release, he says that the subject of the film is unique. Saying that essaying the role in the movie was difficult, he raises a toast to cinematographer turned director K V Guhan and Nivetha Thomas. Catch him to talk also about other things related to his career and what he thinks about streaming sites airing movies within a few days of release.

You seem to be upbeat about '118'. What makes it a different movie?

The fact that it has situations that happen in everyone's lives make it unique. While most of us don't care much about the incidents, the hero in the movie digs in and solves the mystery.

Does the movie have any supernatural elements?

Not at all. If you see the trailer again and again, you will have a grasp of the subject. Director K V Guhan garu has told the story with realistic situations. The film is racy and is not of the regular template. It's an edge-of-the-seat experience. I have always liked to do films with distinct story structures. 'Hare Rama' is one such film that I did more than a decade ago. ‘Pataas' was my first out-and-out commercial movie. But I haven't stuck to the same format. '118' proves that.  

Looks like you have never done a role like this in the past.

I had to change my dialogue style as well. Guhan wanted me to go for a sturdy look. He was particular about my look, given the subject. As for the scenes, he preferred canning long shots. None of them were short.  

You have described '118' as an edge-of-the-seat one. How does the narration involve the audience?

Throughout, the audience as well as the hero are on the same page. The hero comes to know something along with the audience. Nobody is a step ahead relative to the other. I am also particularly confident about the last 30 minutes of '118'. It's really racy and exciting.

Why did you go for Nivetha Thomas?

Having watched her in 'Ninnu Kori', 'Gentleman' and 'Jai Lava Kusa', we felt that she fits the bill. She looks quite strong. She is also very sensible and can pull off emotional scenes just like that. Let it be said that '118' is not a heroine-centric movie.  

Tell us about the producer Mahesh Koneru!

His sensibilities are right. He was a review writer once and, as such, can gauge things. He has a sense of what is right and wrong in the script. He was quite excited upon listening to Guhan’s narration and decided to bankroll the movie.  

How do you deal with flops?

I analyze a flop by thinking from the audience's point of view. I keep trying to better myself. I am happy to have had a supportive family right from my debut movie. As a producer at NTR Arts, I seek to do movies that will never frustrate the audience. I am proud, for example, of having introduced an Anil Ravipudi with 'Pataas'.  

What is your take on streaming sites?

I enjoy watching shows on Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. I keep interest in history-related documentaries. These days, latest movies are being aired on them. I personally feel that there should be a gap of at least 45-60 days (from the day the film releases in the theatres) before a film is aired on streaming sites. 'NTR: Kathanayakudu', for example, was aired in a short time.
By: Venugopal