Naga Chaitanya: Majili is a very realistic film

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - 14:15

Naga Chaitanya awaits the release of 'Majili' on April 5. A subject close to his heart because it is his first movie with his wife Samantha since their marriage, 'Majili' has chosen the right release date. In this interview, Chay talks about how the project happened, why it helped Sam being his wife, director Shiva Nirvana becoming his friend and more.

On Tuesday, you were in Tirumala for a darshan. Are you religious person?

I went there because Samantha took me there. I am neutral. I am neither against poojas and ceremonies nor in favour.

How do you see love failure, an aspect that is key to 'Majili'? Did you ever have a break-up in life?

Failure is common for all of us. It leads to pain. How we overcome the pain is what the film is about. Coming to my life, yes, I did experience heartbreaks. But they only made me all the stronger, much like the flops on the professional front.

How was it working with Samantha post your wedding?

Since I know Samantha's body language and style of work, everything was smooth. We could work on the scenes in advance as Shiva Nirvana would give us the scenes in advance. If we come across a story that is as novel as 'Majili', we will definitely do it.

What kind of homework did you have to put in to play the cricketer's role?

I practiced cricket for four months before the film was taken to the floors. I was coached by one Satish. I spoke to my brother Akhil (Akhil plays cricket well) as well.

What makes 'Majili' a special project for you?

The fact that it's a very realistic film that refuses to take cinematic liberties. Even the songs and fights are very organic. Nothing is forced. Also, it's this kind of script that I wanted to do with Samantha after marriage. We have done acclaimed hits such as 'Ye Maya Chesave' and 'Manam' before. Something unique had to be there for us to come together. And Shiva Nirvana came up with such an idea.

How was it working with Shiva?

I thoroughly liked his 'Ninnu Kori', especially its climax. He didn't reunite the lead pair just because they are lead pair. He went by the script. As for 'Majili', he worked and reworked several scenes. It took 7 months for him to finish the bounded script. In that process, we interacted a lot and he became my good friend.

Expectations are high on the climax. How is it going to be like?

The climax will see a conversation between me and Sam. The entire second half is about arguments, conversations between different characters. But it's not at all monotonous. Everything is made in an interesting way. For example, after the interval, a heated argument takes place between me and Posani garu. It's a favourite moment for me.

Have you watched the final copy?

Yes. I had made it a point to watch it only after the RR was done. When it comes to romantic films, you can't watch it without RR. Thaman has done a great job. Gopi Sunder couldn't do it because he was busy. We thought we can't postpone the film as April 5 is the right date.

Are you open to trying different genres?

I want to do different genres but audiences are accepting me more in romantic movies. I want to do honest films. 'Arjun Reddy' broke many rules. If actors have to do such films, they should be offered such roles first. They should be convinced to do them.

What about 'Venky Mama' and the film with Dil Raju?

'Venky Mama' will be wrapped up by June or July. Post-production works alone will be pending. A schedule is in the offing later this month. Working with (uncle) Venkatesh garu has been great. He is a very energetic actor. I am a huge fan of his comic timing, especially after 'F2'.

As for Dil Raju garu's project, I will listen to the script after 'Majili' releases this week. I have not committed myself to any other project as of now.
By: Venugopal