Sree Vishnu: I have not hiked my remuneration

Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 10:00

Sree Vishnu is riding high on success and fame. His recent film ‘Brochevarevarura’ won accolades. In no time, he has come to be known as a bankable star. In ‘Thipparaa Meesam’ which is releasing this Friday, he is playing an aggressive role, a far cry from his soft image. Excerpts from interview…

Have you always been shy like this?

It is only when I meet new people or the media, I feel shy. Once the camera is on, I am a changed person. That side of me, you can see in Thipparaa Meesam as I play a role with negative shades. 

‘Thipparaa Meesam' moments in the film?

Meesam (Moustache) is considered as a symbol of responsibility. Ancient kings used to grow big mustaches showing they had a huge responsibility as rulers. A man can twirl his mustache proudly when he has done something great. The meaning of that has changed in recent times and how I use it in the film needs to be seen on the screen only. 

Reason for the delay?

The film was done and dusted in July only. But as ‘Brochevarevarura’ was a hit, we did not want to release it ASAP as the content was different. So, we waited all this while and as there were big releases, we chose this date.

Your role in the film?

I play a DJ who is into nightlife and drugs.

About director Krishna Vijay?

He is very comfortable to work with and has done films with me in the past. We share a good rapport and I feel score under his direction as he knows everything about me and writes stuff which I can pull off easily. 

Why have you hiked your remuneration so much?

 This is a new rumor which has gone viral. Post the success of ‘Brochevarevarura’, I had signed three films and for none of them, I have hiked my price. If Thipparaa Meesam turns a hit, I will surely hike my price.

About doing character roles?

Firstly, I should thank my directors for choosing me in such crucial character roles in the past. These roles came at a point when I had no work and needed money to survive. So, when such good roles come in the future, I will take up them as well.
By: Venugopal