At its heart, Gang Leader is a simple film: Nani

Saturday, September 7, 2019 - 16:15

Natural Star Nani has shot for 'Gang Leader' in a relaxed mood.  After a heavy film like 'Jersey', it was like being on a vacation, complete with nice co-actors.  In this interview, catch him throw light on the film's vibes, what he thinks about director Vikram Kumar, choosing Anirudh to compose music and more.

How was it working with a fine filmmaker like Vikram Kumar?

He always brims with ideas.  People think that he is more about his technical knowledge but he is more about the number of fresh ideas he can conceive every single day.  I was so excited to do this film when I listened to the script that it felt totally perfect.

His films like '24' had many twists.  Is 'GL' also one of its kind?

There definitely are twists but, at its heart, 'GL' is a simple film, coming with no complications.  What makes it unique is that it treats the element of revenge in a comical way.  Revenge has always been shown in our movies as an intense emotion.  That's not the case here.

How was it working with Lakshmi, Saranya, Kartikeya and others?

I like Lakshmi garu in Krishna Vamsi's movies.  I thought only he can show her in that way.  But when I met her, it dawned upon me that it's in her to be seen that way.  Her comic timing is great.  Because of her and Saranya garu, the comedy has worked big-time in 'GL'.

As for others, it was fun.  Saranya garu is totally cool.  Kartikeya was Vikram's first choice for the role.  His excitement after listening to the story made us go for him.

What can we expect from the movie?

It's a fun-filled movie that is also emotional.  Expect situational humour.  Since I play a writer who thinks he is world-famous, there is scope for comedy.  After penning unoriginal novels, he writes an original novel in the real time based on the happenings in his life. But don't expect much romance.  It's there only in small proportions.

There are rumours that 'GL' is the remake of a Korean movie.  Is it true?

Which movie is it?  If someone floats a rumour, you have to check the facts before spreading the rumour.

This is the first time that director Vikram Kumar has completed production works quite fast.  Isn't it?  Did you interfere in the making process?

Yes.  Since I was busy with 'Jersey', he had enough time for pre-production works.  So, the shooting was completed without long breaks.  As for my 'interference', I always give opinions.  Can it be called interference?

Did you have any apprehensions while going in for Megastar Chiranjeevi's title?

Firstly, comparisons are unfounded, as the genres of my film and Chiranjeevi garu's film are totally different.  As far as I am concerned, it's like naming my child after the person I most admire.  There wouldn't be any apprehensions if you do something out of love and admiration.

Coming to Anirudh Ravichander, why was the musician chosen?

Most of Anirudh's songs are peppy.  That's why he was a natural choice for 'GL'.  In fact, he was not a natural choice for 'Jersey' because that is not his genre.

Coming to 'Jersey', are you satisfied with its box-office collections?

I am.  It's a very profitable film if you consider digital rights, satellite rights, etc. Given that its vibes were different and the story was unconventional, it did very well at the box-office.  When I did 'MCA', critics said that my films do well commercially but content-wise they are not great.  When 'Jersey' released, they said that the content is great but the collections are underwhelming!