LIE is beyond one's imagination: Hanu

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 18:00

Hanu Raghavapudi is a calm and composed man with no trace of nervousness two days before the grand release of 'LIE' on August 11.  In more ways than one way, the film wouldn't have shaped up as it has without the creative involvement of Anil Sunkara, who advised Hanu to tell the story starting with the film's antagonist.  

In this interview, the director gives his producers their due, while also saying what kind of a film 'LIE' is, and more.  

'LIE' is on a different scale and in a different zone compared to 'Andala Rakshasi' and 'Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gadha'.  What is the place of love in the movie?

'LIE' has action and a revenge element, but at its core, there is a love story.  There can't be a movie without love as an element.  Only that the scale of it keeps changing from basic story line to story line.  

So, what is the film's genre?  Do the letters L, I and E stand for Love, Intelligence, and Enmity and don't mean anything else when read together?

It doesn't fit into any defined parameters.  The characters keep telling lies to each other.  The lies have consequences.  

And Arjun's character has been hyped up.  How did you start out with his character?

It was his character which was conceived first.  I toyed with the idea for long, long before the whole story line was conceived.  

It takes me more than usual time to pen negative characters.  I had a lot of time at disposal after my first movie and before my second film went to the sets.  The character kept evolving during that period.  When I talked to Nithin about the character, he liked it.  The screenplay was suitably amended after he came on board.  

And at what point of time did Action King Arjun come on board?

Arjun garu is my favourite and I have watched most of his movies.  Nithin's father, Sudhakar Reddy garu, introduced me to him.  I was scared while narrating the script to him.  But when he gave the nod to do the film, I felt that this film will surely work.  

His is not only a stylish look, but his character comes with certain distinct obsession.    

The movie was shot for 70 days or so in the US.  Nithin has said that you chose very expensive locations.  What was the need?  Is it meant only to be a visual treat?  Isn't it still more for a Nithin movie?

Actually, we went to the country as per the demand of the script.  Not that there are no apt locations in India.  At the end of the day, it's the story that decides the backdrop.  

As for the budget, with proper planning, we could do wise scheduling.  Visually, it might seem like a Rs. 70 Cr movie.  (But the film was made at a much lesser cost).  Nithin's market was never lost sight of.  Anil Sunkara's planning was wonderful.  

Having a disappointing debut movie, you emerged confident with 'KVPG'.  What thoughts are crossing your mind before your third movie's release?

I neither get too excited when my film becomes a hit nor get depressed when it doesn't work.  I am stable.  My friends have a role in keeping me calm in all situations.  

You have a film with Natural Star Nani in a military backdrop.  Are you not going to do a movie before that?

The film with Nani can be shot only from May next.  Since it will be set in Ladakh, it won't be possible to take it to the sets before that.  Moreover, Nani has other projects.  Before that film, I will do a movie.