Marriage, kids are small breaks in career: Samantha

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 17:00

Samantha has been in the industry for some time. She talks about her films and how keen she is on dubbing for her films despite the trolls. The actress talks about how her husband has helped her.  Her new film 'U Turn' is releasing on Sep 13.

What keeps you going even after such a long time in the industry?

I have been here for the past eight years. I am growing with each film of mine and every character is very challenging these days. There is no more just dance and song routine as I am doing some well-written roles. Working on them keeps me busy and things fall into place automatically.

Your dubbing in the trailer was trolled. Will you still dub in the future?

Yes, I will dub in the future as well. My role will have a better edge if I dub for myself. Now, that I am fluent in Telugu, I am going all out and doing it on my own even after getting trolled heavily.

Why didn't you avoid a clash with Chay's film?

Our release date was locked a long back and there was no going back on it because of the Tamil release. Even I wanted that both our films should not clash but at the end of the day, filmmaking is all business and one needs to go according to the plan made by the producers for a better release.

What's new in the remake?

The film is just an adaptation of the original as the last half an hour has been changed and there will be a new ending for Telugu and Tamil audience. On my side, it was a bit tough to hold on to the emotions as the film is a thriller and this is the first time that I was doing a film in that genre.

Your anniversary is coming near. Any special plans?

Time is running away so fast that it is almost a year since I am married. My Anniversary is going to be very special as I will start shooting with Chay for the Shiva Nirvana film on the 6th of October.

Now that you are married. How long will you continue to do films?

I have no plans of retiring and will keep on working for a long time. I have a very supportive husband who is helping me in my career and now the latest trend is to get married and continue your career. Marriage and kids are just small breaks in your life and one must not stop working.

Any plans to take up production?

Why not? I have already started thinking in that way and Annapurna being on my side, I will surely help content-driven films to make a statement in the future. I even have plans to produce some films with all new technicians.