MLA is not political movie: Kalyan Ram

Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 20:00

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram's 'MLA' releases on March 23. In a chit-chat, he talks about his character in the movie, why Kajal Aggarwal was roped in, forthcoming movies, and more.  

Is the main lead in 'MLA' a virtuous person from the beginning?  Why is he called a person with 'manchi lakshanalu'?

Actually, my character in the film is not perfect.  The hero starts out as a person with his own flaws.  He commits a folly and later realizes that its consequences are adverse.    What he does to rectify the mistake is the crux.  

Ever since the title was announced as 'MLA', many have thought it's a political drama or thriller.  Are you a politician in the movie?  What about Posani Krishna Murali wishing that you should become a real-life MLA?  Are you game?

It's not like my character is not an MLA in the movie.  But the title mainly stands for 'Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbayi.  That's what director Upendra Madhav told me when he narrated the story.  The film has got no political satires.  It's a commercial film at the end of the day.  I am not using it as a stepping stone for anything.  

As for politics, I don't know.  I wouldn't like to talk about politics with film journalists!  

'Pataas' is considered by far your most entertaining film.  Will 'MLA' outdo that movie?

'MLA' is quite entertaining.  But it's a bit more emotional than 'Pataas'.  It's a short and sweet, 126-minute-long, entertainer.  It tells why education is very important.  In the case of 'ISM', the preaching was more.  In 'MLA', there is no such stuff.  People come to watch a movie so as to escape from their everyday headaches.  

Kajal Aggarwal seems to have a meaty role.  What is she doing in the movie?

Casting her was the call of the production house.  She is the right choice for this role.  If you see the trailer, she delivers a message-oriented dialogue.  Only a big star can do such stuff convincingly.  In that sense, she has done total justice to the character.  Her character becomes the drive for the second half.  

How was it working with Mani Sharma?

One thing about him is that he doesn't give his best background music if he doesn't like the movie.  It has happened with my own movies.  For 'MLA', he has given his best shot.  That says it all.  There are many situations and scenes in the movie which only he could have handled.  

In your career spanning several years, you have had flops.  How do you see them as a producer and as an actor?

I learn from my mistakes and move on.  I only think on those lines.  I liked the story of 'Kick-2' when Vakkantham Vamsi narrated it.  Same goes with 'Jai Lava Kusa'.  I act in/produce movies believing in the story.  

'Naa Nuvve', which is coming on May 25, seems to be your first true-blue love story.  Did you feel strange when it came your way?

Yes, I was shocked.  It's a full-fledged romantic drama.  I was naturally inquisitive to know why Jayendra garu wanted to cast me.  I asked Mahesh Koneru (the film's presenter) about it.  He told me he and PC Sreeram garu are sensible makers.  'Naa Nuvve' is not even a massy love story. 

Tell us about your movies with KV Guhan and Virinchi Varma.

KV Guhan has come up with a novel idea.  It's a wholly new concept altogether.  As for Virinchi Varma, the film is set in a village.  So, I will be moving from the city to the village.  It's so relatable as a story.