My roles need to have an edge: Malvika

Saturday, July 7, 2018 - 14:30

Malvika Nair starrer ‘Vijetha’ is all set to come to theatres. The actress tells why she chose to act in this film. Also why she selects a particular role, her inspiration and Telugu film industry in this interview.

Why are you so choosy?

I just do not want to do all the films that come my way. My role needs to have that edge in the script and the role should challenge me to do better. That is the reason why I choose very few films in Telugu.

Vijetha being a lunch pad of mega hero, what made you choose the film?

I did not sign the film just because of the banner or being a much-awaited project of Kalyan Dhev. My role is very strong and is the main key in the film. As I told you, I accept films which offer my role a lot of depth.

Being a senior did you help Kalyan with his performance?

No, Not at all. He was very clear as to what he was doing as he was nicely trained for the film. In the course of time, we became good friends and he used to ask me about his performance in different scenes. He is a good talent and will have a bright future.

How do you manage your studies and profession?

I get enough time to manage both as I have been in this profession from my 10th standard itself. I study full time and also take part in swimming competitions. I make out the time and see that both my studies and profession don't collide with each other.

Whom do you see as your inspiration?

I just love Parvati Menon to the core and am very inspired by the way she goes about doing her roles. I want to do films like her and do good films as far as possible. 

Your observation about the Telugu film industry?

Good films are being made on a rapid note and I feel that the people here are very respectful and affectionate. Even if I am playing the lead role or not, they treat everyone with lots of love.