Naga Chaitanya: I have matured as an actor

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - 16:15

Naga Chaitanya in this interview talks about his upcoming movie 'Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo', doing an action film, his forthcoming projects and more.

This film is coming after lots of delay, comment?

Although the film was scheduled to be released in December end, the shoot of the Tamil version unfortunately got delayed. This was to release before 'Premam', but the delay didn't cause any tension. These both are very different from each other.  As an actor, I am very happy to have got to do these two films.  

A R Rahman has given music to this film, how does it feel?

Years after 'Ye Maya Chesave', I got to act in an AR Rahman film for the second time. I feel very honoured for this rare opportunity to work with a legend.  It goes without saying that his music is integral to 'Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo'.

Tell us about Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo?

I am once again playing a guy-next-door in 'SSS'. If 'Premam' was about love stories at three different ages, 'SSS' is about how a youngster behaves in two contrasting situations.  The first half comes across like an extension of 'Ye Maya Chesave'. The second half is like a suspense thriller.  The title is because the young man courageously bails his lover girl out of the situation she is in.  

How was it working with Gautham Menon?

Gautham Menon designed the characters in such a way that it's easy to establish a connect with them for the audience. Moreover the genre of the movie lends itself to be related with. After 'YMC', the audience started accepting me in love stories. After 'SSS', they will start accepting me in action movies as well.  I hadn't donned this body language till now. The action too is very realistic. Probably because I didn't have the maturity to choose roles before, those action movies didn't do well. I have since matured as an actor. And since Gautham Menon designs his characters convincingly, I did this film with confidence.    

You seem to do pretty well in romantic films?

Love stories are my comfort zone. The success of 'Premam' has given me the confidence that the audience will accept if I do something different.  

When will your Kollywood entry take place?

I wanted to do 'SSS' in Tamil as well. But since the shoot had already begun there, it didn't come through. I requested the director to make me act in both Telugu and Tamil the next time. It's my aim to do a Tamil film next year. Just as Tamil stars are trying it here, we too should do the same.

Has your wedding date been fixed?

Akhil will get married first. His marriage is scheduled to be held in Rome in May.

What are your forthcoming projects?

The film in Kalyan Krishna's direction will go on the floors from tomorrow. This is not the remake of a Punjabi movie as has been gossiped. It's his own story. A romantic film in the mold of 'Ninne Pelladatha'. A film in the direction of Krishna is the next. The story is by David Nathan of 'Gentleman' fame. I have no intentions now to do a remake of 'Hello Brother', a classic. I have given up on remaking it as I think I can't do such acting.
- By Venugopal