Samantha denies tax-evasion allegations

Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 16:15

Samantha, the numero uno actress of Tollywood, was in shock when she came to know that her houses were raided by IT officials the other day. For she is one of the honest taxpayers in the movie industry. Her friends say, she in fact, paid advance tax for this year's earnings too.

When the officers knocked the doors of her houses, she was in foreign country shooting for a Tamil movie, 24. Samantha feels the officers must have got wrong info or misguided as she has been filing the tax returns for every penny that she has earned for years. She never evaded paying the taxes, her friends insist. That is why they couldn't find anything wrong, they added.

Samantha' father also clarified today saying that "My daughter is a perfect tax payer and all the allegations are baseless."Samantha is one of the highest paid actresses in South India right now.