Tweets war between RGV and Bandla Ganesh

Monday, October 12, 2015 - 16:30

Some funny conversation happened between maverick but eccentric filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma and producer Bandla Ganesh who happened to be die-hard fan of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan.
Pawan Kalyan fans today are celebrating Pawanism day.
On the eve of this, Ram Gopal Varma in inimitable style tweeted, “On this #WorldPawanismDay I truly believe that Sardar Gabbar Singh will reach out to the entire whole world more than Bahubali"
To which, Ganesh Bandla, who produced blockbuster Gabbar Singh with Pawan Kalyan, replied to Varma saying that there is only one world to the fans of Powerstar and that is Pawan's world. 
RGV immediately retorted to him by using complex terms like Schopenhauers trying to belittle the producer. He tweeted, "World I meant in context of Schopenhauer’s eulogism as defined even in Pawanism book .can't down my literacy for illiterates."
Then Bandla Ganesh responded by saying you might be highly educated but we are cultured unlike you and went on criticizing Ram Gopal Varma.