NVNN is done imaginatively: Sundeep Kishan

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 17:00

Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene is not just horror movie, but an emotional journey says actor Sundeep Kishan. He tells us why this movie is different and why he became a producer.

What made you do horror movie?

Honestly, I never wanted to do a horror film.  I enjoy watching horror movies but I used to feel that an actor wouldn't have much scope to act in the genre. Even when the genre had a boom period, I stayed away from it.  But when director Caarthick Raaju narrated the script, I felt the film goes beyond horror.  It's more emotional and I wanted the audience to experience it.  The film flips between future and present.  The story is partly set in 2043.  

How is 'NVNN' a different movie?

Horror is a universal genre that can be enjoyed by all sections of audience.  There have been novel films in the genre -  like 'Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada', 'Gruham', 'Prema Katha Chitram'.  As I said, my film is more than just horror.  The audience will not say that 'NVNN' is just a horror film after watching it.  

Is it laced with humour as well?

There definitely is comedy in the film but it's not there for the sake of it.  The audience will enjoy the entertainment quotient in the film.  Posani Krishna Murali garu's character is extraordinary.  

The trailer of the film has made a good impact...

The technicians, like SS Thaman (music director), were chosen keeping the genre in mind.  I must say that the film is high on technical finesse.  The singles released so far have become hits.  There is a single which hasn't been released to make sure the story doesn't get revealed.  You will enjoy it in the movie.  As I said, the film shows how the future is going to be 20 years or so from now.  It's been imaginatively done.  

You have turned into a producer for this film...

As everyone knows, I haven't had a hit in the last two years.  Three of my films flopped and every time I could discover what went wrong only after they were made.  I can't blame anybody for my choices.  I have turned a producer to take charge of things.  Even promotions of 'NVNN' have been carried out in a novel way.  We started with posters in washrooms.  As a producer, I have the freedom to do things the way I want.  When I am not a producer, it's not my money and I wouldn't have much freedom.  My producer needn't believe in what I believe in.  If an actor insists, it will be called interference.  Most of the times I made conscious, careful decisions, they have worked for me.  

Tell us about your director? 

The film should work for my director as well as the heroine (Anya Singh).  My director had left a lucrative job years ago to chase his dreams.  My heroine was through difficulties in her personal life for two years.  They deserve all success.  

How was it working with the digital media?

I have done a pucca action-driven role for Amazon.  Raj-DK have directed it. Titled 'The Family Man', it's a high-budget action thriller.  

How is your restaurant business ?

I established the restaurant for financial security for my parents and sister.  I have done 12 films for free in my career.  That's why I need to always have financial backing for my family.  I have to give back to my parents.  My restaurant is doing well and I am happy.

What next immediately after 'NVNN'?

'Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL' is a humorous film, whose story has been adapted by G Nageshwar Reddy garu.  It's a complete genre shift from 'NVNN' for me.