Performance always fetches rewards: Raashi Khanna

Monday, August 6, 2018 - 21:00

Raashi Khanna is excited about her upcoming film Srinivasa Kalyanam. The actress talks about Dil Raju, the film and her marriage...

Have you watched the film?

The moment I heard the story, I understood that there is something special about the film. While watching the film, I became emotional in many areas and couldn't stop crying. The climax will leave you emotionally drained and that is why I did not think once to say yes to this film.

How was it working with the team of Dil Raju?

Dil Raju has a magnonimous heart and I realised this when I worked in this film. To not let go of the emotions, he asked none of us to use the cell phone on set. Also, this film had so many star artists with whom I got so attached to. Apart from this, I got to know all the traditions of Telugu culture which gave me a feeling that I should marry soon and in a very traditional manner.

What kind of chemistry do you and Nithin share?

During the making of the film, we got to know each other more. This film will be a turning point in Nithin's career as he has done a fabulous job. The way he has made the climax work will move even the men. As the film was based on weddings, we needed to have a strong chemistry and I feel you will all feel it when you see us on screen.

What's the secret of your good performances these days?

There is nothing special from my end. Touch wood, I am getting meaty roles and directors are working hard on the emotions. After doing Tholi Prema, I was looking for that one more film which will establish me as an actress and there was Dil Raju who came to me as the Messiah and found me trustworthy that I could portray such a role which has a lot of weight.

How is your career shaping up?

After taking a superb start, things became slow in many stages. After watching Oohalu Gusagusa Lade, Venky Atluri offered me Tholi Prema. The same happened with Srinivasa Kalyanam. Dil Raju saw my performance in Tholi Prema and gave me this film. One thing is clearly understood that one needs to perform and it will fetch you more rewards than being a popular and mass heroine.

 Why are you doing so many Tamil films?

All the films which I signed before are materializing now. I will have close to three releases now by the yearend. Apart from this, I have signed a big Telugu project which I will announce soon.