Pooja Kumar, not tired of wife roles

Monday, October 30, 2017 - 14:30

Pooja Kumar is quite a choosy actress.  When Praveen Sattaru offered her the script of 'Garuda Vega', she knew she would be playing Swathi, the isolated housewife of Rajasekhar, in the action-emotional-thriller.  

In this interview, she talks about her role, why 'GV' is more than a thriller, why it's a mix of Indian and Hollywood style of films, and more.  

Tell us about Garuda Vega?

The movie is not just an action-thriller because it has also got an emotional heft.  This is a path-breaking movie for Telugu cinema.  Given that it boasts of larger-than-life sequences (like chase sequences, underwater fights, etc), you should watch it only in the theatre.  It's a cinematic experience.  

Do you play the role of a nagging wife?

This is a lovely script where the wife (Pooja as Swathi) doesn't come across as a nagging wife.  I tried to bring that aura to my character.  She is troubled and pines for love and protection from her husband.  She is also understanding.  She knows that her husband is protecting the country.  

Her husband is a NIA officer, she is not sure whether he will come back to home normally or injured.  Such are the lives of some people like army men.  

Swathi is a layered character.  There is also an aura of lightness about her.

Can you elaborate about the other characters in GV?

The stories of many characters have their own importance.  There is Sekhar's story, there is Swathi's story, there is Adith Arun's (he is playing an assistant to the hero) story.  

How important is your role?

My role, I think, is indeed substantial.  Isn't wife the most important one in your life?  (Laughs).  I am seen in some action sequences.  I am there even in the climax.  

Praveen Sattaru, comment?

While I was reading Praveen Sattaru's 120-page script, I was moved.  I realized that he was very clear about what he wanted.  The scenes have a lot of edginess about them.  

Is GV Indian or Hollywoodish?

'GV' is a blend of both Hollywood and Indian style of entertainment.  When it comes to special effects, it's the former.  And when it comes to those sentimental scenes, it's rooted in the Indian type of filmmaking.  

How was it shooting for the film?

We have shot in Georgia, Bangkok and some difficult locations.  In a place, it actually rains on and off.  So, during the time it rains, we would go to shoot and when it stops, we would take a break.  

Tell us about the lead actor Rajasekhar?

When I signed up to do this movie, I had no idea about Rajasekhar garu.  Then I learned that he had done so many movies and that he was a go-to man for cop's roles.  This is his comeback film and he is quite energetic.  

Are you bored of housewife's roles?

I am not bored of playing housewife's roles.  Are you bored of watching me in them?  (Laughs).  One is a housewife for decades.  And during those years, she goes through a lot of troubles, emotional phases, etc.