Raashi Khanna: Happy with this phase

Monday, January 29, 2018 - 17:15

Not many know that Raashi Khanna has a special love for comedy roles. In 'Touch Chesi Chudu', the star actress will be seen tickling the funny bone with Ravi Teja in tandem. In this interview, she talks about how the hero's suggestions helped her become a better performer, what is in store in 'TCC', the secret behind her new look, and more.

Going by the film's trailer, you have a comic role in 'Touch Chesi Chudu'. What is it about?

For the first time since 'Supreme', I am doing comical role in this film. I have played as Pushpa, who has her own comic streak like Bellam Sridevi in 'Supreme'. Together with Ravi Teja, I am going to entertain the audience. The film offers entertainment the way a Ravi Teja film would. It's also a family entertainer.

The last time you teamed up with Mass Maharaja was for 'Bengal Tiger'. How different was it working with him again?

While doing that film, I was rather shy. But over time, I have become a proper actress, I must say. In 'TCC', Pushpa's character is integral to the story. It has substance. And working with the hero was different this time as he taught me how to work on 'chota' expressions to better the act. As soon as he completed dubbing, he telephoned me to compliment me. As per him, I am the highlight in the first half. This is one of the biggest compliments I have ever been given.

It must have been a learning experience for you. Isn't it?

I am getting to work with senior actors as well as youngsters. It's a learning experience to team up with the former. I am enjoying the phase.

You seem to be enamored of comic roles. Can we expect more such acts from you?

I didn't have to wait for films like 'Supreme' and 'TCC'. As they happened to me, I did them and I am glad I did them. I am not sticking to any one kind of role. In 'Tholi Prema', you will see me in three variations. In a Tamil film I am doing, you will see me as a girl-next-door. Working in more than one industry helps as an artist to bag different kinds of roles.

Now that you are very good at Telugu, why don't you start dubbing like Rakul, Keerthy Suresh and others?

Dubbing takes a lot of time. It's not easy. I was busy shooting for other films when 'TCC' was in the dubbing phase. I like to dub for sure.

We are seeing a new Raashi Khanna of late. You are looking fit these days. What is the secret?

I followed a new diet regimen and subjected myself to fitness training to physically transform myself. It feels so good.

Now that you are doing Tamil and Malayalam also, would you target Bollywood in future?

I am happy with the kind of films I am getting here. As I said, I am enjoying this phase. Last year, I did films as varied as 'Villain' and 'Jai Lava Kusa'. Even in 'TCC' and 'Tholi Prema', I have played roles that are totally different from each other.

How do you feel when your fans praise you to the skies on social media?

It's always good to be praised but over-praising also happens. I appreciate genuine appreciation.