Ram Charan talks about Dhruva, Khaidi No 150

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 22:15

As Ram Charan flies to the USA, he says that a remake can actually mean more tension. In this interview, the actor-producer says that every film is a learning experience, adding that 'Dhruva' is entertaining like intense movies, and not in the regular mould. 'Dhruva' releases on 9th December. 

What are your feelings right now?
I am both tensed and confident as I am supposed to be. Just because it's a remake of a blockbuster, it's not like one is tension-free. One is more tensed, if anything. 
Tell us your take on remake?
I am not fixed about not doing remakes. Are they not stories? We wanted to tell the story of a film like 'Thani Oruvan' to our audience. When NV Prasad, who knows mass films, thought I should do it I was game. It's difficult to own someone's story and re-tell it. Surender Reddy was not that enthusiastic to do it at the outset, but he got interested later. 

Any major changes in this remake?
There are no major changes to the original. I don't think it could have been shortened, because even at that run-time (157 minutes), it's very arresting. 'Dhruva' is very edge-of-the-seat. One has to change and not be static like a statue. 

This is second pairing with Rakul..
Rakul Preet Singh was chosen because she did very well in 'Nannaku Prematho'. She is a top actress and also very talented. In any case, how many big actresses do we have in the industry?

You looked for other options for Aravind Swamy initially…
We chose him because we saw nobody in his place. He comes with a lot of experience and, moreover, it has been very long since our audiences have seen him. His character might be tempting, but it's the hero's character which is inspiring. It is the kind of character one would want their children to emulate. 

What's the entertainment quotient in Dhruva?
'Dhruva' is entertaining inherently. Was there comedy in 'Magadheera', which was high on emotions? Was there comedy in 'Sarrainodu'? 

You have done lots of preparations for this role, tell us about it?
Working out for this role was physically taxing. I have done such workouts previously as well, but since this is for a film of a particular genre, it's getting noticed more. 

Demonetization has affected Dhruva, comment?
It's the only reason why we postponed the movie from Dec 2 to Dec 9. Not that the situation has become normal. The industry too has been affected to an extent as everybody knows. But we are adapting to the change. Earlier, one would spend recklessly, but these days, the pocket money is meager. (Smiles)

There seems to be immense promotions for Dhruva?
I don't know about the benefit shows. Allu Aravind garu looks after all those things. It's he who planned that there should be a pre-release event. Even the premieres in the US are his planning. If the film crosses USD 2 million as Surender Reddy hopes, that will be good. 

What are your future films?
In Sukumar's movie, I will be seen in a role that is in contrast to what I have played in 'Dhruva'. It's entertaining all throughout. There will be a movie in Mani Ratnam's direction if we zero in on a proper story; story discussions have been on. A movie with Koratala Shiva didn't fall in place for some reasons. Doing a movie in Pawan Kalyan's banner may happen next year. 

Are you playing a role in your dad’s comeback movie?
Yes, I will be seen in a small appearance in 'Khaidi No. 150'. After its release, Sukumar's movie will go on the floors.