Ram: Hyper has a nice social message

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 14:30

Energetic star Ram's 'Hyper' releases on Sept 30. Sounding 'Hyper' cool as ever, the handsome actor is at his warm best. In this interview, Ram talks about his forthcoming release, the status of a movie, getting married, etc.

Can we think that the title is because of you?

When I was told that 'Hyper' is the title, I thought it's because I am the male lead that they have gone for it. But after Santosh Srinivas attached the caption 'Prathi intlo okadu untadu', I was happy that the title is because of the film and not because of me. By the way, the director is more 'hyper' than me. The producers, although they don't seem to be like that, are 'hyper' in their planning.

You seem to be very happy about doing a 14 Reels film!

It's because of the producers that 'Hyper' could be completed so fast. I think this is one of the fastest film to have been completed in the industry in recent times. They are very passionate producers. If doing a film under my home banner is like eating home food, doing a film under 14 Reels was like eating homely food outside.

Are you that 'Hyper' type at home?

I am a 'hyper' guy on the sets, not at home. (Laughs).

Is father-son relationship the film's crux?

It's an idea around which the story has been woven. There is more to the film than just this relationship and sentiment. There is a nice social message inbuilt into it.

Sathyaraj, who played your father-in-law in 'Nenu Sailaja', is your father here. How was it working with him again and what is special about his character?

Sathyaraj garu is like a pillar of 'Hyper'. When a social message has to be delivered, it can't be done by someone like me. I don't have that stature. There are certain lines spoke by him in the movie and they pack in the message. His characterization has a comical touch.

We heard that you fall in love with Raashi Khanna by looking her from behind. Is it true?

You have framed it properly. I fall in love with her by looking her from behind, not looking at her back. (Guffaws). The idea is to generate humour when friends wonder how sensible it is. Her character in the movie has two shades. There is a humorous side to her acting. She doing 'Supreme' has helped us.

Why didn't Ghibran do the background score for the movie?

He was stranded in some country due to an earthquake there. Since we couldn't afford to wait, we roped in Mani Sharma garu. He is the king of re-recording. You can imagine how the output is.

What is the status of the film with Anil Ravipudi in whose movie you are to play a blind man?

The film's status will be clear after the release of 'Hyper'. It's undecided as yet. Some stories sound very good when listened to. But execution is a different thing altogether. We have to consider all that and take a call.

Aren't parents asking you to get married?

It will happen when it has to. When it's happening, you will know.

We (the media) could come to know who is the girl even before you.

(Laughs) Sometimes, what the media writes becomes a reality. You write about a combination film happening. Even if it was not planned, the concerned individuals team up and make it a reality.