Ranarangam is inspired by many films: Sudheer Varma

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 17:30

Sudheer Varma is confident about 'Ranarangam'.  Having made a genre that he is most comfortable in, the director in this interview throws light the film's premise, in what sense the film is inspired by 'Godfather-2', imagining Sharwanand as a gangster, the mistakes he did in the past and more.

What can we expect from 'Ranarangam'?
It's the story of a don with no message thrown in.  The story revolves around Sharwa.  The film is set in mid-1990s and 2015.  It's not like the past is narrated as a single flashback.  The two tracks run in parallel.  As for the screenplay style, I got inspired by 'Godfather-2'.  I must say that it's a milestone movie which has inspired so many filmmakers who have dealt with gangster dramas.  There is a crucial train episode in the movie.  I drew its content from 'Assassination Of Jesse James'.

What made you choose Sharwanand for the role of a gangster?
To tell the truth, the story was first planned for Ravi Teja.  Since Sharwa was keen to do the film after listening to the story, I did a look test.  After being convinced that he will be apt, I conveyed to Ravi Teja, who asked me to go ahead.  In my opinion, Sharwa was at his best in 'Prasthanam'.  So, that role has stayed in my mind for years.  If and when I had to do a movie with him, it would be an intense role.  That's what has happened.

The Trailer shows the backdrop of Vizag.  Why did you choose the port city?
The story deals with illicit arrack business.  When NT Rama Rao garu came to power in 1994 and banned liquor, illegal trade bloomed in Vizag via Odisha.  That's why I chose the backdrop.  There is nothing political in the film. For some scenes, we had to erect a set in Hyderabad to ensure that no one in the public is seen using a mobile phone, or no house has a dish antenna atop.  

What kind of care did you take to ensure the contrast between the old and present episodes?
Besides the set, Divakar Mani (cinematographer) ensured that the colours of the frames are different for the two different periods.  The background score will be a highlight.

What makes you write grim stories like 'Kesava' and this one?
I am fascinated by crime.  Without a murder taking place, I can't write a story.  It's not like I don't like love stories.  For example, the Kajal-Sharwa track in 'Ranarangam' has interested me.  

What have you learned from your experience so far?
After 'Swamy Ra Ra', everyone wanted me to do only that kind of a film.  I did 'Dochey' because I wanted to try regular format.  But it bombed.  'Kesava' gave profits to my producer. However, something went wrong with that film.  The teaser and trailer established the film as the story of a man whose heart is on the right side.  But the film was not about the disorder.  We shouldn't have highlighted that.  I have learned my lessons.  If I want to turn 'Ranarangam' into a franchise, I can't do it just like that.  I didn't try 'Swamy Ra Ra-2', despite many asking me to do so, because high expectations from the audience were a burden.