Saaho has to succeed at any cost: Prabhas

Monday, August 26, 2019 - 22:45

Prabhas is restless! A lot of money is at stake on ‘Saaho’ that hits the screens worldwide on August 30, 2019. The actor wants the film to succeed at any cost. He tells us why he did Saaho and much more…

What made you spend so much money on the film?

 Baahubali's success has taken the expectations of the public to another level. We had to match up with that and that is the reason we spent so much on the film. The budgets, scale, and stars, everything changed with the success of ‘Baahubali’. Every penny spent on the film will be spectacularly showcased on screen.

What made you trust Sujeeth?

After watching ‘Run Raja Run’, I always had an eye on Sujeeth and his working style. I asked him whether he would work with him for my next film. He quipped "I will come to you with the complete story". Sujeeth came to me with ‘Saaho’ and I loved the screenplay and gave him a green signal to work with him.

Tell us about the making of the action in the film?

More than doing action, we did months of planning. We created our cars which were operated by remote controls. We smashed 30 cars and everything was about technique more than action. Setting up everything took a lot of time and I loved doing the action part which looks stylish in the film. Production designer Sabu Cyril played a big part in this regard. The entire credit should go to Kenny Bates (action director) as he stylishly canned the action sequence. 

Was ‘Saaho’ planned intentionally after ‘Baahubali 2’?

No, I was looking for a love story but as I did not find any, Sujeeth came to me with ‘Saaho. We wanted to finish the film in 150 crores but for the quality purpose, we raised the budget on an international standard.

What kind of preparation went into the making of your look for the film?

Sujeeth asked me for a leaner look in the film. I had built up so much mass and had to lose it all. For this, I turned vegetarian for a specific time and lost close to 20 kgs for the film. My diet was closely monitored by my trainer who worked very hard.

Tell us about the emotional content in the film?

Sujeeth has designed the content in such a way that it will impact the viewing experience of the audience. The film has a very good story and action is designed keeping the script in mind. Just for the sake of action, we have not spent money. The story will be one of the biggest highlights of the film.

How restless are you about the film's release?

I am very restless and am tensed to know what the fate of my film would be. We have made the film with so much money and every time the film's budget increased, I had sleepless nights. Our lives are at stake with this film and I want it to click at any cost.

Will there be a sequel to the film?

The story has a thread which can be developed into a sequel. For that to happen, the film needs to click and earn good money first. I have my fingers crossed.

How was working with Shraddha Kapoor?

 She has a very key role in the film and plays a cop. Most of the story runs through her and she is a very professional actress and did a superb job in the film. Our chemistry is quite good in the film.

When are you going to get married?

I have no idea. I have a lot of pressure on me as of now and don't want to take more pressure by getting married. Things will happen when the time comes. At present, I have no time to sleep as my mind is fixed with Saaho's release and result.