Saakshayam has unique point: Bellamkonda Sreenivas

Monday, July 23, 2018 - 21:00

Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas is all excited about his upcoming film Saakshyam. The actor says that he has performed risky stunts in the film. Also the film has a unique point which he says will be worth the watch…
What is so special about Saakshyam?

The story itself is quite special in the first place. The concept of the film is based on Pancha Bhootalu and director Sriwaas has adapted these concepts into the story in a tremendous way. A point like this has never been tried before on Indian screen. The moment I heard the script, I knew it was going to be big and as expected the film is a big screen experience which should not be missed. 

Looks like you have worked very hard on the film?

I have done many risky shots and my dad came to know about this once the film was over. He called me and requested me not to take such risks in life. But I wanted to show something new in this film. I flew to Dubai and learned several aquatic sports and my introduction song will be a treat for kids and the younger generation.

What according to you will be the highlight of Sakshyam?

The action sequences will blow your mind. Peter Heins heard the story and was super excited. The money we have spent and the amount of hard work put in for the action sequences will be charismatic. Five different fights have been set according to the Pancha Bhootas and each fight will be like a climax in its own. It was shooting our own mini Baahubali as the film is that grand and big.

Was there really a need for so many star supporting actors in the film?

Everyone heard the story and then only decided to be a part of the film. There are four-star villains, Sarath Kumar, Meena and many other known artists in our films are all have been roped in only as the scope of the film was so big and every role will be justified once you watch the film. The screen will be lit up and it will be a treat for the audience.

Heard that the film went over budget. Is it true?

Yes, the film went over budget because the canvas was such. Our producers only spent the money when it was required. They clearly know my market and are not fools to spend more. Only in a few areas, we had to spend more money and that is clearly visible on the screen.

How are you always managing to get star heroines for your films?

That has been proved wrong with Pooja Hegde's case. The moment we signed her, even DJ's first look was also not out. I had a great working experience with her. As the film has many outdoor schedules, we bonded well and now Pooja is one of my closest friends in the industry. She will be a major asset in this film with her glamor and performance.

When will you do performance-oriented roles?

I knew this question would surely be asked. In fact, both my upcoming films are performance based. Teja sir's film will give me so much scope to perform and my next with a debutante named Srinivasa Reddy is about a gritty police office where my angry and acting side will be shown.