Sharwanand: Sai Pallavi is a powerhouse of talent

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 18:00

Sharwanand is known as most bankable star in Tollywood. He has good success rate. However, the young actor doesn't release movies as frequently as other young stars do. He maintains lengthy gap. As 'Padi Padi Leche Manasu' featuring Sai Pallavi as heroine and directed by Hanu Raghavapudi is gearing up for release, Sharwanand speaks to the media.

After Shatamanam Bhavati, you have slowed down...

Post 'Shatamanam Bhavati', I was offered so many family subjects which I did not like at all. When I heard the one-line stories they sounded good but when I heard the full narration of the script, they turned out very bad. I have rejected close to half a dozen family dramas since that film.

Then how did Padi Padi Leche Manasu (PPLM) happen?

Hanu (director) came to me with an action story and I liked it very much. But I told him that I wanted to do a love story under him. He went back and came up with PPLM. I loved the simple yet startling conflict point and said yes to the story right away. It took a lot of time because of date issues and here we are ready for release.

Tell us about your role?

I play a guy called Surya in the film who is very spontaneous and eccentric. I did not do any homework for the film and just behaved how director Hanu wanted me to do it. I went to the sets with an empty head.

Is it true that Sai Pallavi has a dominating role?

Whether I dominate her or she commands me, it is only for the good of the film. Movie making is a team effort and everyone needs to work in tandem to score a hit. Sai Pallavi is a powerhouse performer and she will once again surprise everyone with her subtle yet great performance.

Why Kolkata ?

It is a very special place for love and there have been some great love stories which have been made there. Also, all the films like "Khushi", "Lakshmi" are good hits. Apart from the routine Kolkata locations, we had showcased the real city and that too in a superb manner.

How was it working with director Hanu?

I have known Hanu for the past 15 years since the time he came to the industry. He has worked hard and made it big. I feel that he is no less than a Mani Ratnam or Sukumar and will surely reach that league with this film.

Future projects?

Director Sudheer Varma's film is halfway through. It is a gangster drama and I will have a new look. It is a screenplay based film which will move back and forth in time. Apart from this, I have no other film in hand.

Why do you take so much time to complete your projects?

I do not go to shoot unless I have a bound script in hand. I need to know each and every detail of the script and get convinced about my character. That is the reason many of my films were delayed.