Sreenu Vaitla:I will be back in the game!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 14:30

Director Sreenu Vaitla needs a hit badly. His recent three movies - 'Aagadu', 'Bruce Lee' and 'Mister' - were duds. 'Amar Akbar Anthony' featuring Ravi Teja and Ileana in the roles is his latest directorial. He is confident that this would bring him much-needed luck. Excerpts from the interview....

Are nervous about the result of 'Amar Akbar Anthony' (AAA)?

I am not nervous at all and am chilled out as I feel that I have made a very entertaining film. This is the reason, I look so relaxed and am super confident that the film will bring me back in the game.

Have you learned from your mistakes?

I would be lying if I say I did not. I clearly analyzed what went wrong with my previous mistakes and worked doubly hard on this film. I took close to eight months to finish the story and took it to Ravi Teja for approval.

Was it necessary to put in such huge budget for this film?

The story had a span and is set in the US and that too in New York. We had to shoot in two seasons and all this only happened because of the presence of Mythri Movie makers. Many producers came to me but I chose Mythri as they are close friends. Now that the film has come out on a grand scale it is only because of them.

What is AAA all about?

It's completely based on a small point which I cannot reveal now. There is for sure a revenge aspect and the film will be a mixture of 'Dubai Sreenu' and 'Venky'. Why the hero has three roles and what is his relationship with the heroine, all this is narrated with a gripping screenplay.

Why did you choose new writers this time?

I wanted to get back in the game and it was necessary for me to bring in new talent. Also, I love working early in the morning and this is where the best output comes. The two writers supported me and we made a very healthy story with the necessary discussions.

How did you take your failures?

To be very frank, I started my career with a budget of Rs 38 lakhs and slowly grew with each film. Flops are common to every director and as I was giving solid hits, the attention was more on my films which became flops. So, I never take things to heart and lead a simple lifestyle. That is the reason, I keep getting films one after the other.

Ravi Teja is also going bad phase. Why did you approach him?

Ravi Teja and I share a very strong bond and he has helped in every which way when I was low in the past during times of 'Dhee' and before Venky's release by doing films with me. The same has happened now as he has once again bailed me out with AAA.

What next?
Nothing has been finalised yet.