Srinivasa Reddy: 2016 is special for me

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 18:00

Comedian Srinivas Reddy now makes a debut as a male lead with 'Jayammu Nischayammu Raa'. In this interview, he talks about the title, the director and his objectionable remarks post the release of 'A Aa'.

What is the idea behind the positive-sounding title?

We first thought of going for 'Sarva Mangalam', which is my character's name, as the title. But since it evokes a negative sense, we dropped the idea. After all, it would sound awful to say Raj Kanumuri's 'Sarva Mangalam' (laughs). In contrast, saying Raj Kanumuri's 'Jayammu Nischayammu Raa' sounds great.

Being cast as a male lead is a big thing for you. How do you see all this?

I have never counted the number of films I have done. Year 2016 is very special to me. I am debuting as a hero. I have bought a new house and am going to shift there with my family in this Karthika Masam itself. (Note: He regards his role in 'Geethanjali' as that of a supporting actor)

Raj Kanumuri seems to be a promising director. Tell us about him.

Raj Kanumuri is passionate about cinema. He had earlier worked with RGV garu, JD Chekravarthy garu and Mohankrishna Indraganti garu before moving to London, where he reached a good position in a company. He made money there and wanted to do a film on his own here. I am lucky that this script came to me after it was offered to others, during which time the script underwent many good changes. Although it was planned to be made at a cost of Rs. 2.5 cr, the costs incurred got almost trebled. Even though I don't have this big a market, he spent this much. Fortunately, the business our film has made has put the film in safe zone.

Your characterization seems to be interesting. You are looking serious in the trailer. What is in store?

My character speaks in Telangana slang, though not in its purest form. Only those words which can be understood by all Telugu people have been used. In contrast, the characters around my character speak in Andhra slang. I liked this contrast a lot.

As for me being serious, there is lighter-veined nuance to my characterization throughout. Only at one place do I get very emotional.

What about Purna's character and that of others prominently promoted by the makers?

The heroine plays an e-Seva employee. I have to travel from Karimnagar to Kakinada as part of my job. Why the male lead has to go back to Karimnagar for the sake of his mother forms the crux.

Be it Praveen garu (who plays Tatkal and comes with the line 'Mee pani, naa money'), Krishna Bhagawan garu (who plays Adapa Prasad), Posani Krishna Murali garu (who plays Guntur Pantulu), they all make the film a fun watch.

Your comments after the release of 'A Aa', hitting out at critics, were deemed inappropriate and disrespectful. Do you regret making those statements?

It's true that my comments at the success meet of 'A Aa' were improper. It was my fault. I had read a couple of reviews which said that 'A Aa' was not made well. Even so, I shouldn't have said those words that day.

- By Venugopal