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Audiences are mature enough to handle bold scenes

Nagarjuna is proud of his upcoming film Manmadhudu 2. He says there are some bold scenes and the audiences are mature enough to handle them. The actor talks about his forth coming films and why he thinks his son Akhil will make in big in cinema. Read on…

What made you buy the rights of the French film?
I loved the film when I watched it for the first time. I loved how the way a middle-aged bachelor gets embroiled by his family and his mother. I like this angle and decided that it will suit me and remade it in Telugu. 

F words muted in Manmadhudu 2

Heroes smoke, why shouldn't actresses?: Rakul

We have seen the trailer of Manmadhudu 2. Rakul is showcased in a different avtaar...smoking, romancing someone twice her age. Why is she doing this? She gives her answers...Read on...

Tell us about your role?
I play the role of Avantika and I got to portray different emotions in the film. My character is very important to the film as it changes the story upside down with my entry. It portrays today's women in a strong manner.

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