Audiences are mature enough to handle bold scenes

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 17:30

Nagarjuna is proud of his upcoming film Manmadhudu 2. He says there are some bold scenes and the audiences are mature enough to handle them. The actor talks about his forth coming films and why he thinks his son Akhil will make in big in cinema. Read on…

What made you buy the rights of the French film?
I loved the film when I watched it for the first time. I loved how the way a middle-aged bachelor gets embroiled by his family and his mother. I like this angle and decided that it will suit me and remade it in Telugu. 

Why did you chose Rahul?
I loved Rahul's work and sensibilities in Chi La Sow. He extracts superb work from all his actors and I felt that he would do a superb job with the film and he is spot on with his comedy. He has done a superb job and will go a long way in his career.

Working with Gemini Kiran and Viacom?
I like the way Viacom worked for other films in the past. So, we joined hands now with them and Gemini Kiran. Talking about Gemini Kiran, I have been good friends with him since my childhood onwards. So, it was the right time for me to collaborate with him.

Why didn't you repeat Devi Sri for this film as well?
I always loved working with young technicians. At that time, I felt that DSP would do a superb job with Manmadhudu, I took him. Now, I didn't want DSP to do the music again so I looked at Chaitan Bhardwaj whose music was superb in RX100.

Have you looked at the output of the film?
I have been watching the film for the past few days and loved it completely. There are some bold scenes but I feel that the audience are mature enough to take it and watch with their families. The film is a wholesome entertainer which has a lot of good funny moments.

How difficult it has been to pick scripts at this age?
Frankly speaking, I am not finding good scripts in Telugu and that is the reason, I have chosen remakes in my previous films. Times have changed now and I am looking at a new age cinema so that I can keep on reinventing themselves. 

Your role in Brahmastra?
I play a key role in the film. There are four to five key characters in the film which are like those from Avengers. The manner in which Karan Johar pitched it to me, I loved the script and I would be also part of their sequel.

What's your take on bilinguals?
I feel that bilinguals never work. I have tried some of them but things did not work out for me. The sensibilities are quite different and people do not connect with them properly. So, most of the films click in one language and don't in other.

What happened to your film with Dhanush?
The film was completely shelved after being shot for over 35 days. I have no idea what happened to the film from thereon. I just got the info from Dhanush that the film is shelved as of now.

Are you worried about Akhil's career?
Many say that his career has not taken off yet. They did the same with Chay and me when we were young. There will be a day that he will also make a name for himself. I am not at all worried about that as of now.

Will there be a sequel to Manmadhudu 2?
Why not. If this film is hit, then we will surely think about the sequel. But now I am just eagerly looking at the reactions of the film.