There is a Badlapur feel in Keshava: Nikhil

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 16:15

One hit after another, Nikhil Siddharth is easily Tollywood's one of the bankable stars.  Making clever choices is not his only strength. He believes in stories that bring out a new Nikhil from time to time. In this interview, the youngster talks about the cool revenge drama 'Keshava' (releasing on May 19), when he is getting married, what is the most difficult thing to practice in the industry, so on and so forth.

Last time when we met you days before the release of 'Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada', you were not very upbeat about your film's prospects because Demonetization had been announced. But it proved you wrong and became a hit. There are enough reasons to be relaxed this time around. Isn't it?

Until the morning show on first day is over, there is so much of tension. 'EPC' happened in a difficult situation. And 'Keshava' is coming close on the heels of 'Baahubali 2'. That said, the way the trailer has been received is very encouraging.

Your characterization seems to be the film's USP. Tell us about that and does the film have entertainment quotient?

My character is such that he can't run fast, get angry, etc even when he is avenging. His heart wants to be angry, but his mind says him to be cool. That's not how heroes are usually.'Keshava' is not just about intensity. There are elements like comedy too. There is an emotional undercurrent throughout, which is more important than the action that is there. The audience don't want comedy to be there for the sake of it. Situational comedy is what the matured audience are looking for. 

How was it working with Sudheer Varma?

It was a nice experience. He has infused commercial and other elements in a balanced way. It was how 'Swamy Ra Ra' was. It was how 'Karthikeya' was. A good fusion of fantasy and comedy helped. There is a 'Badlapur' feel in 'Keshava', which follows the retro style of filmmaking. The film has a lot of twists and characters that the trailer doesn't reveal.

Coming to your career, how do you assess its graph?

It has been ten years since 'Happy Days' happened. There are different shades in every actor. I was playing lover boy's roles earlier and then I started off playing roles that helped me portray other shades. I have to change the genres. I don't know whether they will like it if I do a horror again. I should ensure that neither me nor my audience are bored. I am going to do a college campus-type film next with Raju Sundaram. 

What about 'Karthikeya 2'?

The sequel is going to be there in Chandoo Mondeti's direction. The story will take off from the point where 'Karthikeya' was concluded. One shouldn't do films out of obligation. One has to say 'No', however difficult it may be. I have done 'Keshava' because I liked the story. Had Sudheer Varma, who is my friend, come up with some other story, maybe I would have said No.

Do you recommend heroine's names to your director?

I do give suggestions. Now that budgets are increasing, casting is not a problem.  

You had said some time back that there is pressure on you from your parents to get married. When is that happening?

(Smiles) I want to really get married, but I am looking at meeting the right girl. I would prefer a love-cum-arranged marriage.