Ungarala Rambabu Second trailer is impressive

Monday, September 11, 2017 - 23:30

 Hero Sunil has been branded as comedy hero. First trailer of his upcoming film Ungarala Rambabu hinted that, this K Kranthi Madhav directed movie too is going to be a comical entertainer. Today, maers of the movie have released a new trailer, which gave full clarity on the film and its concept. Contrary to everybody’s assumption, Ungarala Rambabu is not just a regular comedy entertainer.

The film deals with a serious farmers issue. Versatile actor Prakash Raj will be one of the biggest assets of the movie. In the trailer, he is seen as a responsible citizen, perhaps a communist leader, who fights for welfare of farmers. Sunil has been introduced as a travel agency owner adores his employee Mia George who happens to be daughter of Prakash Raj. Then, Sunil character turns serious, as inspired by Prakash Raj’s ideology. Ungarala Rambabu trailer has some thought-provoking as well as funny dialogues uttered by Prakash Raj and Sunil.

In one word, Ungarala Rambabu is a complete entertainer. Interim, the film is due for release on 15th of this month. Expect the unexpected in theaters!