We didn't use Prosthetic makeup for NTR: Bobby

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 17:15

Bobby, whose 'Jai Lava Kusa' is now raking in huge moolah at box-office, says that he is now beyond feeling nervous. "I was tensed before the release of my previous film. Not this time," he says with a striking confidence. Catch him talk about the making of the film, working with NTR and more.

How did it all begin in the first place?
The first time I met NTR for this script, I gave a 30-minute narration. He did not utter anything but for saying that he will let you know in a week's time. Although he was not committal, I could read his eyes and knew that he liked the script. I did get a call and it happened.

Didn't you have any reservations about portraying NTR as a troubled character?
I was not apprehensive even a wee bit. The negativity of Jai and his stammering trait are integral to the script. Since Lava and Kusa are good guys, it was not risky to have NTR's Jai that way.

How has the fate of Jai's character in the end been received?
The climax has had a thumping response from the audience. I haven't heard anybody say that Jai should have lived on and it should have been a happily-ever-after story of the brothers. It would have been hackneyed to have a routine climax. His death made all the difference.

Given that Jai is such a 'hatke' character, wouldn't it have helped to have his character right from the beginning of the film?
I don't think so. Had he been there from the initial scenes, it would have been a monotonous and jaded thing. It's because of the late introduction that the character becomes that much more interesting. He enters the screen at the right time. The backdrop of this character was first Kolkata. It was Kalyan Ram's idea to set it in Orissa. That's why we also chose Ronit Roy, a northern, for Sarkar's role.

We heard that you were working with a Hollywood make-up artiste for the movie. We don't see any such thing in the film..
Since NTR made up his mind to play the three characters distinctly, we didn't go for prosthetics in the end. He has stunned us with his natural expressions. The execution wouldn't have been that seamless but for him.

The heroines don't have much space in the film. Was it not your concern?
That's because of the nature of the story. I thank them (Raashi and Nivetha) for playing the parts so well despite the limitations.

After a disaster, what has the success of 'Jai Lava Kusa' made you learn?
Even when NTR accepted to do the film, I learned that content matters. Your experience or lack of it is irrelevant if your content is good. Even a superstar will like to work with you. I now have the confidence to try versatile scripts and approach stars. I am now beyond feeling tensed. The other day, Rajamouli sir was all praise for our movie when I happened to talk to him at NTR's residence. He has liked the childhood episodes so much.

Finally, there was this news that the stammering trait was part of a script narrated to NTR by Puri Jagannadh. What is the truth?
I don't know about that. Had it been the case, NTR would have told me about that. I had gone to him with a bound script.