Sayesha Saigal - Chit Chat

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 21:30

The beautiful and serene Sayesha Saigaldebuts into Tollywood with the film Akhil that is gearing up for a grand release tomorrow (Nov 11)  For those who are unaware, Sayesha is former Bollywood actor Sumeet Saigal’s daughter. The actress is happy and hoping that the film gets a good start. Sayesha pours her heart out about her first experience with films…

Can you describe how you feel now that Akhil is releasing tomorrow?

I am feeling very happy, it is my first film and I have worked hard. I have learnt a lot especially from Vinayak sir. This is the first time that I have faced the camera and the experience has been very enriching.

Did films happen by chance?

No. I always wanted to be an actress. Now I am finally making my debut, it is a dream come true for me.

Tell us about your role?

My role in Akhil is a very very important one. I can say that the entire film revolves around the things done for the heroine of the film, which is a good thing for me. Right now I am hoping that the film does well.

Were you comfortable delivering the dialogues in Telugu?

Yes, I am comfortable speaking in Telugu. I am sure that my next interview will be completely in Telugu. I never had any difficulty in picking up the language or saying my dialogues.

How was it working with Akhil?

He is a very good co-star.  He has given himself completely for the film. Akhil was very dedicated and this made my work easy as well. Akhil's parents have been very sweet and it was a pleasure working with him.

You sing beautifully, any plans of taking up singing as a career?

I love singing and dancing. But for now let me concentrate on acting. Singing can wait for now.

Future projects?

I have a few projects in hand. But it's too early to comment on them. I want to make a huge career in Tollywood. In Bollywood I am acting with Ajay Devgan in Shivaay.