Credit should go to Tarak and Trivikram: Jagapathi Babu

Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 23:00

Jagapathi Babu is enjoying best phase of his career. This year, he had shown lot of variation as antagonist as feudalistic village president in ‘Rangasthalam’, as a terrorist in ‘Goodachari’ and as faction leader Basi Reddy in ‘Aravindha Sametha’. The actor has won accolades for his portrayal of Basi Reddy in Trivikram directed ‘Aravindha Sametha’. Excerpts from the interview…..

What according to you clicked in Aravindha Sametha?

Trivikram is one director whom I have immense faith and respect for. Tarak is a dear friend. Everyone in the team is very encouraging. No one was selfish and helped each other to give best output. When everyone works in tandem, the result will always be positive.

What was Trivikram's brief regarding your voice in the film?

Trivikram was very clear about the role but he never mentioned anything about the voice. I felt that if a harsher voice was used for this role, things would surely click with the character. I took so much time in the dubbing studio where I developed more base to my roles. Writer Penchal Das helped me a lot with the dialect and at a point, I thought that even though I lose my voice, I will make sure my role will sound special.

Don't you feel you have dominated Tarak in the film?

Even I asked the same question to Tarak while filming ‘Aravinda Sametha’. Credit should go to Tarak as he was the one who kept telling me that cinema is bigger than the actors and if all the characters click, then only the film will be a rage outside. I understood this point when a fan of mine called me and told that all those who never knew about me are now taking interest in seeing my films from now on which is the best compliment.

Is this the best phase in your entire career?

In a way yes. Previously, I never did films in so many languages, did not act with big stars and also never got so much success. I am loving this phase and have no complaints at all personally and financially. Life is good and I want to explore as an actor and do films in other languages as well.

The audience felt that the climax needed a fight. What do you think?

You won't believe, during the climax shoot, the moment I was entering the set, I told to myself as to how long would these heroes have the same ending and a director like Trivikram should end these type of endings. Surprisingly, the climax shoot was halted by afternoon and the climax was changed which I feel is the best move by Trivikram.

Do you think that this performance can ever be bettered?

I don't think so. Even I am worried as to what kind of roles will I get after this. How will the directors establish my characters? But I have my fingers crossed and let's see what happens.

Can you elaborate on your role in Sye Raa?

I play a key role in ‘Sye Raa’ and will be seen with Chiranjeevi garu throughout the film. That was the main reason I accepted this film in the first place.