I was scared initially with Dorasaani: Shivathmika

Saturday, July 6, 2019 - 20:00

Shivathmika Rajasekhar, the younger daughter of Dr. Rajasekhar and Jeevitha, awaits the release of her debut movie 'Dorasaani'.  To be released on July 12, the film stars Anand Deverakonda in the lead.  Catch the young actress talk about 'Dorasaani' and her author-backed role in the movie.  

Did you always want to become an actor?

Yes.  Right from my childhood, I remember me and my elder sister Shivani talking about what kind of roles suit us.  Moreover, I used to regularly be on sets of my father's film.  

So, did 'Dorasaani' come to you after you sought roles from directors and producers?

No.  It came all of a sudden.  Madhura Sreedhar garu is familiar to our family.  When he came across the script of 'Dorasaani', I came to his mind for the role of the female lead, who is 18-year-old.  He approached and asked me to audition for the role.  Since I love the way the character has been written, I said yes and gave an audition.  I was finalized after 2.5 months.

What did you like so much about the role?

She has been written in a sensible way, much like the heroines in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's movies.  She doesn't talk much, she has got just 10-12 lines in the entire movie.  She is a happy girl who is condemned to live in a room.  When she meets Raju (Anand) from the outside world, love blossoms in him.  

Was it challenging to do the role?

It was.  I went to the first day of shoot with so much confidence that I literally froze when I faced the first shot.  I had been under the impression that acting is in my blood and so I can do anything without fear.  Director KVR Mahendra sir taught me a lot of things, including how to play with eyes.  Since Dorasaani doesn't talk much, she has to emote only with her eyes.  I hope the audience will love her.

How was the shooting experience?

It was a bit scary initially.  We shot in a bungalow, near which there are places where so many people were killed many decades ago.  Desolate places were chosen.  In fact, the legend associated with this place is a main element of 'Dorasaani'.

How was it working with Anand?

He had come on board before me.  I was told Vijay Deverakonda's brother would be the hero.  He was educated in a big school and had been working in the US for many years.  As such, his Telugu is Anglicized.  For the role in 'Dorasaani', he had to do workshops to fine-tune his accent.  After all, the film is set in rural Telangana.  He is a very hardworking and happy guy.  We have become very good friends.

What kind of advice do your parents often give you?

Be it me or my sister, we are told to be original.  My parents dislike being someone else on the screen.  Secondly, I have learned to be the director's actor and this is from my father.  We bond so well in the family.  We are like friends and even my friends are my parents' friends.  

Your father is so proud of you and Shivani; he recently said that you are like sons and what Ram Charan is to Chiranjeevi, you are like that to your father.  Your take?

He is genuinely proud of us because we have been handling the responsibilities of 'Kalki' efficiently.  More than me, Shivani worked strenuously on 'Kalki'.  We have shared a couple of ideas with dad regarding our family entertainer starring all the four of us.  

What are your expectations from 'Dorasaani'?

We are waiting for the film's release on July 12.  I have watched the final edit and I am extremely happy, as it is my baby.  The audience have to say the rest on the D-Day.