Laughter is an important emotion: Kranti Madhav

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 10:15

Kranthi Madhav, the director of 'Onamalu' and 'Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju', awaits the release of 'Ungarala Rambabu' this Friday.  In this interview, he talks about what is the philosophy of the movie, and more.
What is the movie 'Ungarala Rambabu' about?
My hero is not a selfish one.  He is a miser who thinks that money is everything.  How he realizes that money is not all is what the message is all about.  
All of us humans have to evolve from 'I me myself' to 'We'.  But most of us are only in the first stage.  My film talks about growing from the first stage to the final stage.
The trailer shows Prakash Raj as a communist leader.  Is the film based on real-life incidents?
There is no such real life-based story here.  I have penned the story inspired by my own observations and experiences.
Your previous movies were quite different in their own right.  'UR' belongs to yet another genre.  Is it all planned or do you just go with the flow?
After 'Onamalu', I knew that I may not be able to make a hundred movies, but I will surely make, say, ten.  And my aim is to try out different genres.  'UR' is a comedy, which is my favourite genre.  I believe that if you don't know the emotion of laughter, it's like you don't know anything.  
How was it working with Sunil?
You will only see Rambabu, not Sunil.  He got into the skin of the character.  You will see a new Sunil in 'Ungarala Rambabu'.  He has so far done 400 movies.  More than trying to show Sunil in a new way, I wanted to have a distinct story so that he will automatically be seen in a new light.
What is your next release?
I am doing a film with Vijay Devarakonda.  KS Rama Rao garu is the producer.  It's a love story.