Lavanya: Don't want to restrict to one language!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 14:30

Lavanya Tripathi says that 'Inttelligent', which releases on Feb 9, is her first typical commercial movie with Vinayak's stamp on it.  In this interview, she talks about the film and her role, her co-star, the controversies around her, and her next plan of action.  

What is your character in the movie?

I have played a US-return girl by name Sandhya.  She helps her father in business.  She is the daughter of the hero's boss.  She is a bit dominating and a short-tempered girl.  

The very title is apt for the hero, though.  He tries to defeat the villain by using his intelligence.  The story itself is intelligent.  

How was it teaming up with Sai Dharam Tej and VV Vinayak?

Tej is a very comfortable actor to work with.  He is fun.  It's entertaining to have him on the sets.  He treats everyone equally.  Since both he and I are not very talkative, we took our time to get along.  We both laugh so much and that's a common point.  It was during the Muscat schedule that we actually started interacting more.  In the film, Sandhya and Dharma Bhai share a love-hate relationship.  We fight, then we make up!  

Vinayak sir is a down to earth, sweetest and humblest director.  He treated me like a child.  He knows what he wants.  He is so fast.  My role and this film are different because of him.  Every director has a way of making a film.  If I am different in this movie, it's because of Vinayak garu.  'Inttelligent' is my first typical commercial movie.  I enjoyed myself doing it.  

All eyes are on the 'Chamak Chamak song.  How did it go?

It like a mini heart attack to think of doing the song!  It's a legendary song by legendary actors.  I knew I can never match them.  So, I approached the song like a fan of Chiranjeevi garu.  I danced like a fan.  The original is the best-choreographed song ever in any language.  I was naturally scared to do it.  I didn't get to practice much for it.  I did work on 'Kalamandir' and 'Na Cell Phone' songs.  You will see me dancing more than ever in this movie.

Did anyone propose to you in real life?

I don't know why but guys are too scared to come to me.  Moreover, I am always into work!

What kind of feedback have you listened to your acting in recent films?

The feedbacks have been both positive and negative.  Everyone comes with a different taste.  People have different mindsets.  

In recent months, you missed out on a couple of projects.  A producer event approached the Producer's Council against you.  What is the issue?

They are all happy with me.  For example, I am on the same talking terms with guys at Geetha Arts.  I talk to Sirish, I talk to Parusuram (director) like I always used to.  When you and the makers are not on the same ground, a project doesn't work.  If a Tamil producer approached the Council, what happened to that?  Did you see anything happen?  Everything is fine.  Let me say that what you see in the news is not always the truth.  

How do you see failures?

I analyse what went wrong and where I need to improve.  I always think about what better I can do.  

What are you going to do immediately after 'Inttelligent'?

I am in talks with a couple of Tamil movies.  I will take a call on them.  Last year, I had 3-4 releases.  I will have the same number this year, too.  I am going to take a month's break.  I want to do movies that I enjoy doing.  I am open to all kinds of films, big or small.  I want to try out Malayalam because of the creative satisfaction they offer.  I want to work in new languages this year.  Although Telugu is my home ground, I don't want to restrict to one language.