Nag and I are like wildfire in Devadas: Nani

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 16:30

From why he chose to do Devadas to his film in which Nani plays the role of a cricketer, Nani tells us all. In conversation with Nani…

What made you choose Sriram Aditya?
Both Nag sir and I were not finding a suitable director for our film and this is when a friend of mine suggested Sriram's name. I called him and gave him the challenge to come up with a detailed script and said that if I didn't like it, I will not do the project. Sriram proved me and Nag sir wrong and made a beautiful story which we could not refuse.

How difficult was it to work with a star like Nagarjuna?
Films like Devadas need a lot of improvisation on sets as it is the chemistry which needs to click on screen. This aspect was bothering me as I didn't know whether Nag sir would allow me to even suggest a few changes. But nothing of that sort happened as he gave me full freedom and took my suggestions as well.

How did you approach this role? 
We worked out two to three looks and finally fixed the one in the film. I play a doctor who works in a corporate hospital and quite excited about his job. I decided to wear spectacles and have a clean shave throughout the film. My role works only through Deva's role and this is where we clicked like wildfire in the film.

How are you handling the negative feedback that is coming for Bigg Boss? 
Initially, I thought it was shooting for a Saturday and go home. But there is a lot which has to be done. I am shocked to see the abuse that I am getting for my anchoring. This has been the most stressful three months of my career as I was also busy with the TV show and Devadas.

How do you handle failure in life? 
Failure is a part and parcel in life. If you don't fail, how will you rise and shine? Krishnarjuna Yuddham's failure taught me many things and made me understand that one cannot always have a good time in life and career. One should taste failure to grow in life.

How was it working in a banner like Vyjayanthi Movies?
Ashwini Dutt sir has been with me since I worked with them in Yevade Subramanyam. He watches all my films and gives me sincere advice as to what projects to choose. So, when I got a call from this banner to act with Nagarjuna, there was no way I could leave this project. 

What made you choose a film with a sports backdrop? 
Jersey is my most prestigious film to date and has me as a cricketer Arjun. For the first time, I have started going deep into my role and have started learning the game of cricket. You will see a new Nani with this film which will change my career in a big way.