Antham - Movie Review

Thursday, July 7, 2016 - 18:00
Antham (2016)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Antham
Cast: Charan Deep, Rashmi Gautham, Vasu Dev, Sudharshan and others
Music: Karthik Rodrigz
Produced and directed by: GSSP Kalyan
Release date: July 07, 2016
CBFC Rating: A


Kalyan Krishna (Charan Deep) and Vanitha (Rashmi) are a happily-married, romantic couple. While returning to Hyderabad from Vijayawada, Kalyan Krishna receives messages from a mystery man (played by Vasudev).  

The mystery man has just kidnapped Vanitha and he now threatens the hubby of dire consequences if he doesn't follow his instructions to the last word carefully.  Left with no option, hapless Kalyan Krishna goes about meeting a couple of unknown people, before getting hold of a weighty black bag. What is there in the bag is revealed just after interval.  

Why is the stranger asking Kalyan to do certain risky things? Why has he chosen Kalyan to execute the mission? What happens to Vanitha, who is at the mercy of the merciless stranger? Answers to these questions are stored in the climax.


'Antham' is in the mold of a crime thriller. But that only describes its identity, not its quality. The narration is so rudimentary and half-baked.

The narration is gripping only till the time Kalyan starts the assignment. From then on, the cinematic elements that can project Kalyan's race against time are woefully missing. The character is pained in some frames, but in the rest the body language or facial expression doesn't size up the gravity of the situation.

When he has to be on dot in terms of the time (the caller doesn't tolerate a delay of even a minute), he is seen assuring a complete stranger whom he has offered lift of good sleep if he takes tablets. Why is he so indulgent toward a joker? One actually feels Kalyan is talking to his kid who doesn't understand the danger his father is in.  

In the name of entertaining elements, the director introduces comedian Sudharshan, who asks for lift and ends up sharing the woes of Kalyan. And thanklessly, the director over-indulges this comedian.  

Rashmi's characterization is too sketchy to be taken seriously, Vanitha behaves like a possessed woman in the climax when she is supposed to be something else. After the film ends, we wonder why on earth was Vanitha a minor character throughout the film. She is insubstantial.  

As for the villains who are supposed to behave like professionals in the climax, they come across as untrained duds waiting to be defeated at the earliest.  The climax should have been stretched, but guess what? The director himself is in a hurry to send us off!

Charan Deep's performance is nothing to talk about. Rashmi doesn't get to portray her acting skills. She is reduced to a caricature. She has shown her glam part in romantic sequences. Sudarshan is a good talent, but for a film of this genre, there is an overdose of him. Vasudev is convincing in the role of a baddie.  

If the sensuality is welcome, the RGV-type song in the pre-climax portion is technically inferior. The song mirrors the overall technical quality of the film. Karthik Rodrigeuz's music is inspired. The cinematography could have been much better.

Bottomline: Not even gripping, much less thrilling. A serious idea has been told like a joke. Rashmi Gautham plays minor role in this boring thriller.

Reviewed by: 
Vishwanath V