Ram Gopal Varma's Climax - Movie Review

Sunday, June 7, 2020 - 14:45
Climax (2020)
Cast & Crew: 

Movie: Climax
Cast: Mia Malkova and others
Directed by: Agasthya Manju and Ram Gopal Varma
Producers: A RSR Production & Shreyas ET presentation
Release date: June 6, 2020
Streaming: RGVWorld.in

What's it about?
The film is pretty much summed up in the trailer itself. Mia Malkova and her boyfriend try to do things out of the blue and enter a desert even after there is a no-entry board written on it. In this situation, scary things and some crazy people start troubling them. The couple runs for their life and reaches a small town only to know there are more dangerous situations are in store for them. Who is behind these incidents and how the couple comes out of this mess forms the crux of the story.


‘Climax’ is Ram Gopal Varma’s first attempt at OTT movie. The film was released directly on RGVWorld.in on a pay-for-view basis. Agasthya Manju is credited as the director but it has a stamp of RGV all over. The veteran director creates hype around every movie he directs or produces but as we have seen in many of his recent productions, they ack meat in them. ‘Climax’ on an interesting note. But from there, the film goes wayward and weird things start happening. One cannot understand whether it is an action film or a horror drama. Such is the narration. 

When RGV told in his promotional interviews that he was not present on the sets in most of the time, it is easily understandable how the film would have been shot. It's like an assemble of some random crazy scenes in one place, as it lacks coherence. The makers have tried hard to create a horror angle in the film which never scares you in even one scene. Mia Malkova running half-naked is dominated for the most part in the initial part of the film and it lacks any aesthetic appeal.

Much of the film we are left to scratch our brains to figure out what is happening in the story. There are no basic twists and the narration is flat, insipid, and makes the proceedings frustrating. The visuals are decent though and that's the only solace that this RGV film provides you.


As is the case with all the recent productions/directorial attempts of maverick director Ram Gopal Varma, his latest OTT movie ‘Climax’ featuring adult star Mia Malkova has no proper story or coherent screenplay. It makes a frustrating watch. RGV has put 100 rupees as the ticket of this film but when this movie offers nothing but skin show from Mia Malkova, why pay money for this mess as audiences can watch a Mia Malkova’s adult clips for free on the internet?