OTT Movie Review: Ponmagal Vandhal

Saturday, May 30, 2020 - 19:30
Ponmagal Vandhal (Tamil)
Cast & Crew: 

OTT Film: Ponmagal Vandhal (Tamil)
Cast: Jyothika, Parthiban, K Bhagyaraj, Akshara Kishore and others
Produced by: Suriya
Director: JJ Fredrick

What's it about?

Petition Pethuraj(Bhagyaraj) is known for filing silly cases in Ooty. One fine day, he files a petition to re-open the case of Jyothi, who was once known to be a deadly serial killer. To fight on her behalf, Pethuraj brings in his lawyer daughter Venba(Jyothika) into action. Venba has to fight against a famous lawyer named Rajarathinam(Prathiban) to win this case. Who is this Jyothi and why is Venba fighting her case after all these years forms the basic story. 


The courtroom scenes are handled well by debut director Frerick. The production values, camera work, and dialogues are spot on. Jyothika as the criminal lawyer brings so much on the table. Be it the attitude to perform in front of an artist like Parthiban or in all emotional scenes, Jyothika aces it all. But the star of the film is Parthiban. His demeaning dialogue delivery and authoritative nature is the biggest asset of the film. 

How women are facing rape and how a family gets destroyed because of it is showcased well. But the film has a familiar premise and it is clearly known who the villain is from the first scenes itself. The subject is topical; the intention is noble. A genuine and sincere attempt this one is. However, the narration lacks the fizz.

The pace of the movie is uneven in many areas. The climax part is quite disappointing. After so much investigation and to prove who the culprit is… the twist is given out easily.

Bottom Line

‘Ponmagal Vandhal’ is a typical courtroom drama that has a burning issue and solid performance by Jyothika. The courtroom scenes are neat but the not-so-effective narration and poor climax have diluted the overall effect.