Dynamite - Movie Review

Friday, September 4, 2015 - 11:30
Dynamite (2015)
Cast & Crew: 

Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha, J D Chakravarthy, and others
Music by: Achu
Produced by: Manchu Vishnu
Screenplay and directed by: Deva Katta
Release date: September 4, 2015
Run time: 142 minutes
CBFC Rating: UA


What’s it about!
A young girl at a chat Bandar is being harassed by a rowdy gang. When all the men present there dare not to object the rowdies, Shivaji (Vishnu) saves the girl and bashes the gang. Postgraduate student Anamika (Pranitha) who is watching all this admires Shivaji’s daring attitude, appreciates him and they exchange numbers. A day later, they meet for date. While they having a glass of wine at her apartment, a rowdy gang break into her home and kidnaps her at gunpoint. Shivaji chases them down the road but is unable to catch them. He informs this to the police. He finds that one of the police officer also has ties with the kidnap gang. He also comes to know that Anamika is daughter of CEO of Channel 24, who is also killed by this gang. Then Shivaji takes the matter on his hands to hunt down the gang and find Anamika. Who is behind her kidnap and where she is? All these unfurl as the story moves forward.


Remake of 2014 Tamil hit thriller, Arima Nambi, Vishnu starrer Dynamite follows the template of most Hollywood thrillers – story happening in a day or two, protagonist caught in the web of a murder/kidnap incident. Directed by Deva Katta of Prasthanam fame, the movie doesn’t waste time to move into the story after the introduction of hero and heroine.

Once Pranitha is kidnapped, the following drama is highly engaging with some best scenes. Especially the sequence involving Vishnu and Nagireddy is well-handled. The trouble begins with the second half. Post interval it drags on and goes on marathon action stunts.  

The movie comes back to some thrilling moments when Vishnu begins playing cat and mouse game with the main villain. Entire episode of Manjeera Mall and Police Control room is well staged one. But again, when we are expecting some sinister back story for villain, as the buildup is such, it was presented with a clichéd one.

Despite some well-choreographed action stunts, some nice engaging episodes in between, the movie never leaves you satisfied. Many illogical scenes, too much of creative liberties, and excessive length for a thin plotline kill the proceedings.

Vishnu has built muscles, grew his beard to get a new look. It is a thriller and he is done mostly action stunts, other than dancing for couple of songs. Pranitha is hardly seen in the movie and she seems to be clueless. J D Chakravarthy is fitted to T in his role and in the last twenty minutes he takes charge.

Cinematography is neat. Editing is not up to the mark - uneven pace and lengthy. Action choreography by Vijayan is good. The movie has more action moments.  Music, both songs and background score, is underwhelming.

Dialogues by BVS Ravi are okay. We don’t know how well the original Tamil version is, but Deva Katta hardly scores any points for his direction here.

Some smart scenes, few better handled thrilling moments are what the Dynamite offers. Other than that there is nothing much to talk about.